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The Points2Shop lottery

The Points2shop Lottery is another super easy & fun way to earn points! The lotto drawing is held weekly and YOU could be our next jackpot winner! Gain lottery tickets and wait for our next drawing for your opportunity.

How can you enter the lotto?

It's simple! Start by earning tickets. Tickets you have earned will be entered in the next upcoming drawing automatically. They cannot be held and used in a different drawing. You're good to go!

Lottery tickets

How are tickets obtained?

  • Our Spin2win chance game is the most common way to collect lottery tickets. Once you have earned at least 50 points/cents from offers within a given day, visit the Spin2Win game page. Spin2win will automatically appear and prompt you to play. Once you have spun you will have a chance of winning lottery tickets on the wheel, as well as other prizes such as merits and sweepstakes entries.
  • Another way to gain tickets is by posting in the Free Stuff forum. Do you have a freebie you want to share? Make sure you've read our Rules & Guidelines to avoid tickets being revoked. To prevent spam or weak deals, creating topics in the free stuff forum is limited to users with bronze level or higher.
  • The final way to earn lottery tickets is to win them in the Lottery drawing. View the prize table below for more info.

When is the lottery drawn?

The Lottery is drawn on Wednesdays. The drawing has to be done by hand, and therefore has no set time. In most occasions, the lottery is drawn between 1 and 6 PM. Moderators and Administrators will not be able to give a better estimate of that. Once it is drawn, your points and tickets won will be credited to your account.

How are the prizes determined?

If you only match one number to the winning number you win five more tickets to the following lottery that falls on next Wednesday, which is a good thing instead of winning nothing at all. The more numbers you match the more points you get.

  • Matching the last number - 5 tickets for next drawing
  • Matching the last 2 numbers - 50 points
  • Matching the last 3 numbers - 200 points
  • Matching the last 4 numbers - 500 points
  • Matching the last 5 numbers - 1000 points.
  • Matching all 6 numbers will earn you the Jackpot!

View previous Jackpot Winners!

The jackpot increases by 1000 points every week the jackpot hasn't been claimed. This continues until someone wins - then which the Jackpot will fall to 1000 and rise until the next lottery jackpot winner!

Claiming jackpot winnings

Unlike other lottery winnings, the jackpot must be claimed. If you do not log in to claim your jackpot winnings within 7 days the jackpot will continue to grow by 1000 points and you will not receive your jackpot prize

Keep participating onsite for your chance to win big! See you next Wednesday!

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