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What is Spam?

Points2shop has a zero tolerance on spam! If you have noticed your forum posts, offer comments, or shoutbox messages being marked as spam, read these guidelines for a better definition of why that may have happened. Why is it important to not spam Points2Shop? You can lose lottery tickets, make people angry, and through persistence you may lose your account. If you have an issue with many acceptable messages being marked as spam, please contact the support team so that they can investigate the issue.

Spam In The Shoutbox

A few reasons your posts may be deleted or been sent the shoutbox rules, but not limited to:

  • Posting gibberish.
  • Repeatedly asking/posting the same or similar messages.
  • Discussing other rewards programs/posting links to them.
  • Inappropriate/harmful links or referral links.
  • Asking for games. Use the in-game invite feature for this.
  • Asking for points or other items. Begging will not be tolerated.
  • Other languages other than English. This is an English based site and the only language accepted in shout.

Spam In The Forums

In addition to spam in the Shoutbox, other things considered spam in the forum, but not limited to:

  • Posting "bump".
  • Bumping old topics, or bumping topics without posting new insight. If a question is being asked, only reply if you have any new information to add. Don't post if you're only going to repeat a previous post or "yeah, what they said".
  • Repeated posts on several threads. For example, Don't go into the Proof forum and post "Congrats" on thousands of threads to boost your post count.
  • Creating threads or posts without a meaning. Make sure your posts have at least some meaning to them. Posting just a few words or smileys alone is considered SPAM!

Spam In Private Messages / Instant Message

The following may result in you been reported to Admin or even given a communication ban, but not limited to:

  • Mass mailing everyone on your friends list asking for points.
  • Sharing referral links, other Reward sites.
  • Constantly asking members to subscribe or visit your youtube channel/videos
  • Sending abusive or offensive content.

Spam On Other Sites

  • You cannot advertise on any site except for the sites that allow advertisement and even then do not spam the site with your referral link. Spamming on a facebook wall for example is considered spam.
  • You can also not advertise any other gpt/ptc sites on p2s, sending referral links via pm, private chat or in the shoutbox is not allowed and may result in your account being banned.

Spam On Offer Comments

Any variations on the following types of messages will probably be marked as spam:

  • Saying "pending", "still pending", "approved", "I recommend this offer", etc.
  • Any offensive language
  • Lying, such as saying the offer was approved when actually it was not
  • Anything unrelated to the offer
  • wow, cool, thanks, great, good offer,easy offer, fast/quick offer, or other short, generic responses
  • not for me, not worth it, not paying for this unless you give specific reasons why not
  • locked, paid, download, free, everyone can see the offer description and icons
  • unavailable in my area, however if the offer country is not displayed in the offer info it is helpful to say "unavailable in the UK"
  • Copying another person's comment
  • Copying and pasting the same thing in multiple offers
  • If you haven't tried the offer, don't post just to say that
  • Posting any variation of 'I didn't qualify today' on the dailies
  • Posting 2/2/2 at end or 2/2/2 pending (any variation)

What Makes A Good Comment?

If all that is bad, then what makes a helpful comment? Here are a few suggestions:

  • How long it took to approve
  • Whether you received an email confirmation
  • Advice about how to complete the offer
  • How much a paid offer will cost
  • A review of your past experience with the product or service
  • Anything special you had to do to complete the offer, or extra steps you may have taken

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