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Shoutbox collaboration tips

The shoutbox is one of the features that sets Points2Shop apart from the rest. The shoutbox is a great place to get to know your fellow members, and also to ask any questions you may have about the site. Be sure to follow the rules!

Collaborating to earn more

The shoutbox can be a very helpful tool to help boost yours and others earnings. Share offers with others that recently approved for you, listen for advice on how to do a specific type of offer, and find people to join your team. Talking with other users is not only fun, but it will also help you to earn more and avoid common account issues!

Helping Other Users

The shoutbox is a great source for new and experienced members alike to get help.

A Few Ways to Help Users:

  • Share offers that have been successful for you.
  • Answer questions other members have.
  • Engage in conversations with members to make them feel welcome.
  • Offer advice, tips and support.

Highlight shoutbox messages for others

When you direct a message to a specific user, they will see a yellow highlight behind the message. It's an easy way to ensure they will notice your message!

There are a few ways to get attention:

  1. Include the full username in your message. (Type it in or double-click on the members message to auto enter).
  2. Include a part of their username within your message (at least 4 letters of their username will highlight your message).
    • john, what were your quiz results?
  3. Some common phrases also work with shortened forms of the username. For example, these phrases would all get the attention of SampleUser:
    • hey sample
    • hello samp
    • no sampleuser
    • yes user

Once you reach certain honor levels you will gain special moderation tools to use in the shoutbox. These are given to members to help out with spam and members who are misbehaving when a moderator or admin is not present in the shout.

Use Of Privileges

Platinum & above Privileges:

  • Show the Shoutbox Rules - If a member is breaking the shoutbox rules, this privilege will send the member the rules to remind them of what is and isn't allowed in Shoutbox.

Elite & above Privileges:

  • Remove Comments - This should only be used for removing comments that do not comply with the shoutbox/site rules.
  • Communications Block - If a user is constantly breaking the rules and fair warnings have been issued Elite+ members may apply a temporary communications block on the users account which lasts 1 hour. This should be used in extreme cases and only when a moderator or admin are not present in the shoutbox.

All actions are logged and any abuse of any privileges will result in privileges being revoked.

Shoutbox Preferences

The Shoutbox can be altered as you see fit. Do you want it on the left-hand side of your screen instead of the right? There's an option for that! How about seeing the shoutbox as you're scrolling Points2shop? You can do that to! To change your preferences, click the cog icon located on the shoutbox.

Chat History

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