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Sending and receiving messages

Sending and receiving personal messages is another great feature for members of Points2shop! You can find the link to your inbox in two places. The first being under the navigation bar, where your stats appear, there is a blue link that says Messages: X. Another way to access your inbox is under the Account Tab, and then click Private Messages.

Messages from Points2Shop

The Points2shop staff will send messages periodically, announcing contest, promotions, or new features added to the site. We will also send confirmation for orders and replies to support tickets to your inbox.

Survey Invite Messages

To help boost your earnings and knowledge of new surveys available to you, Points2shop will send notifications & invites to your inbox. Some people love them, some people don't. You can change your settings by navigating under the Account tab and click Site Preferences, and choose from the following options:

  • Don't send me survey invites
  • I like survey invites, but not too many
  • Send me as many survey invites as possible

Sending messages to others

Members are able to message each other as well. In your inbox, click the Send message to others link, you will then be directed to a blank message form. You can write your message, and then below the message field you can pick your friends or members of your referral downline to send the message to. You are able to send one message to multiple members by adding the names one at a time to the send to list. Unfortunately, at this time, you must add a member to your friends list in order to send a message to them.

New members are limited to sending five Private Messages per day. This restriction is lifted once you achieve a level of Bronze or higher.

Replying to messages

If you receive a message and would like to send a reply, you can do so by clicking the Reply to inbox item link at the bottom of the message. The username you are sending the message to will already be added to the list of members to send the message to.

No Spam!

Spamming members will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The promotion of other sites & referral links will result in your account being closed. If you receive a spam message and would to report it, simply click the Report Message link under the message. Our team will review it and take any necessary action.

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