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Quest merits

Quest merits are for use in team competitions. Teammates will contribute merits to their team in hopes to squash their competitors for monthly cash prizes!

How do I earn more Merits?

Merit Achievements

You have the opportunity to earn merits by completing Achievements. Your achievements page will consist of completed and incomplete quests. The amount of merits each achievement will reward is displayed with a star icon. Incomplete achievements will also reveal your percentage completed once you hover your mouse over the hidden image, making it easier to see which achievement you're closer to completing!

Spin2win & Daily Activities

Spin2win is another easy way to save up merits! This can be found in the Games section. Once you have earned tokens for Spin2win, you will have a chance at winning merits by spinning the wheel when it appears. You could win the 1 merit, 5 merits, or 50 merits prize. Good luck!

You can also earn merits from daily activities! These include:

  • 10 merits for each day you're active on the site.
  • 50 merits for completing SOOP.
  • 50 merits for vising the Coupons page.

Double Merits Day

Keep an eye out for double merits day! At random, double merits day will be activated and you will have the opportunity to double ANY merits you earn in that day! This includes Achievements, Spin2win, & daily activity bonuses!

How do I donate merits to my team?

To donate merits, you must first join or create your own team. If you want to join a current team, you can look through the teams list found under the Compete tab and click Teams Competition. You will see that some teams are closed - this means the team leader has chosen to not receive requests for members to join their team. Once you have requested a join to the team, the leader(s) of the team will have to accept you to be able to access the team forum and the ability to donate merits.

  1. You will most likely have a better chance of getting accepted into a team by visiting the Compete forum and browse topics for members in need of teammates to join their team.

To create your own team - Go to the Compete tab and click the Teams Competition page. Here you will see three tabs on a blue bar that says "Teams", "Create a Team", or "Help". Click on Create a team. It is best to wait until you have at least 20,000 merits before creating a team. This allows you to better compete with the top teams and actually win a cash prize.

Can I get donated merits back?

No. Once merits are donated, this action is irreversible. If you leave a team, they will stay in the teams overall balance.

How do I know how many merits I have?

  • Your total merits are displayed in the heading of the page, beside your cash earnings.
  • Your team page will also display the total number of merits that you have not yet donated.
  • You can also find your merits on your profile page.

Can I exchange Merits for points or cash?

  • No, but you have the opportunity to win cash by joining a team.

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