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Proof of prizes

Proof of prizes received is a fantastic way to show your friends and any other skeptical person out there Points2Shop truly works. It's a simple process and there are a few different ways to do it, either by submitting your own proof or browsing proof other members have posted on the site.

Post Proof of Your Rewards

There are a few ways to share items you've received from Points2shop with the community.
When taking a picture of your reward, be sure to include a note thanking Points2shop and your username.

  • Create a topic in the Proof forum - You can start by creating a topic in our Proof forum. Click 'Add topic' from the forum and submit a picture of your item. Images can be posted to the forums by uploading them to an image hosting site and using the direct URL provided.
  • Submit a testimonial - To submit a testimonial, go to your order history, view the details and select 'Link proof picture to this item'. You either can post the URL to your image or upload it directly from your files. Leave a short description about your item. Submitting a testimonial will also link the image to orders appearing on your profile, so proof is displayed directly from your P2S profile!
  • Create a Youtube video - Make your own homemade video with proof of items you've received. Time to get creative! Once you've made your own video and uploaded to Youtube, mark the Lights, Camera, POINTS! offer as completed and get 100 points!

Browsing Proof of Rewards

There are tons of topics members have created in our Proof forums. From little things found in the Low-cost Rewards like the dollar bill to even larger orders from T.V's, consoles, and more! For popular proof topics, view our Ultimate Points2shop Proof thread.

You can search for proof either by reward items OR cash withdrawals in our testimonials. Reward items can be browsed on Points2shop Testimonials. To browse through cash withdrawals, switch to Cashle Testimonials.

Proof isn't only a great way to show those skeptics the site works but it also gives that finishing touch to your referral sites, blogs, and any niche you have!

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