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Whether you play games to earn points or practice for free, the Points2Shop games offer great competitive fun! To keep the competition fair, you will be paired only with players of a similar skill level. Game on!

You can access our full list of games from the Games tab. Members must be Bronze level to play in Paid tournaments. New users only have access to the practice & free tournament games. For more information, visit our Honor Levels Page.

Games selection

  • Madpet MadFrog - Hop hop hop from croc to croc for killer trick combos! See how long you can last.
  • Oink Bunk - Run run as fast as you can! A fast-paced game.
  • Word Maker - Stretch your English language vocabulary by finding words in an ever-changing set of letters.
  • Springo Bingo - Fast-paced match 3 letters game with power-ups and huge bonuses.
  • Pods Extreme - Avoid destruction as long as possible in this futuristic survival game.
  • Jungle Tower 2 - Reach new heights in this fun tower physics game, but don't lose a block! Test your stacking skills and balance the blocks on the platform, reaching the highest score before you lose a block.
  • Tri-peaks solitaire - reduce the solitaire pyramids while getting the highest score possible.
  • Number Limbo - Just guess the lowest number that no one else guesses to win the daily jackpot! Guesses vary per day.
  • Shooting Gallery - Targets pop up and you have to shoot them. You have 5 shots per round.
  • Racing - A simple game where you do 5 laps and try get the lowest time.

Winning Points from Games

Remember: You need to be Bronze or above to win points on games.

To earn points you can enter tournaments with these qualifications; Score-type, Players, Cost and prize.

After the match, the person with the best score wins the prize amount. You can leave and come back to the results page at any time by going back to the games and clicking View Played Games, or mouse over the Account tab and click the Game Results link.

Tournaments remaining open

If you're not matched with a competitor, don't worry, you have not lost your points! As soon as a competitor joins and finishes the tournament, the winner will be determined. If a player has been undetermined for quite some time, the player will be removed from that competition and another opponent will be matched in the tournament when they play that game. If a game remains opened for a duration of 7 days, a refund option will be given to the player.


Points2shops chance game, Spin2win, offers bonuses by completing offers daily! This is a great way to gain lottery tickets, merits, and even sweepstakes entries!

Spin2Win Rules

  • Everyone starts with 10 free spins as a gift.
  • When you run out of spins, you cannot play until you earn more.
  • 1 spin is used every time the game appears; closing the game forfeits a spin.

Your prize is determined by the system before you spin; animation glitches do not affect the outcome of the game. The chance of winning a prize decreases as the value of the prize increases. This means that you are more likely to win merits than lottery tickets.

Spin2win Tokens

Earn tokens and spin for bonuses! You can earn tokens by earning at least 50 cents/points a day. You will start at a bonus of 1 token a day, but they increase every consecutive day you earn 50 cents/points. The first day, you earn 1 token. Second day, 2 tokens. Third day, 3 tokens. The maximum of tokens you can earn is 7 a day and you will continue earning 7 tokens a day as long as you continue this streak.

Please note: You do need to get 1 more complete once you reach or exceed the daily threshold to actually trigger the token to be credited. This offer can be a 1 point video or click offer.

Tokens will carry over every week and will not expire. However, 255 tokens is the max you can hold at one time. Don't forget to use your spins!

Points2shop RPG Game

Join our Points2shop RPG Game and climb your way to the top of our weekly leaderboards! Rewards include cash and merit prizes. Visit the leaderboard in-game for tournament positions and prizes. Log-in with your Points2shop info.

Lost your progress? Don't fret! All game progress and leaderboard is reset weekly so everyone has an equal chance to compete for rewards and gain character experience.


If you are caught cheating in the games, you will be banned. Cheating will not be tolerated.

Unfortunately, if you're matched against a cheater and lose, you won't get your points back.

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