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Order problems

Order Problems

Submit a Support Ticket if you need help with your order. Please make sure you add the order number ID number that Points2Shop gives you to your ticket so our support administrators can help you better (and quicker). Please make sure to mention which product your question is about.

Do Send A Support Ticket If:

  • You failed to use your correct address when ordering. (You can also cancel the order by going to Status Of Orders under the account tab and clicking "Delete". Your order will be cancelled and your points refunded)
  • You did not receive your order within 2 weeks after your estimated arrival date or 4 weeks if you don't have an ETA.
  • You received a damaged or incorrect item.

Do NOT Send In A Support Ticket If:

  • Your estimate arrival date (+2 weeks) hasn't expired yet.
  • Your status hasn't changed to shipped/approved yet or doesn't show estimates yet. It will change later for orders that have status updates and will never change for orders without status updates.
  • You received only a part of your order. Items from different sellers are shipped separately and will not arrive at the same time.
  • You just want to know if your order will arrive because you are so desperately waiting. This will delay our support administrators while it does not speed up your order.

Problems With Amazon Sellers

Remember that Points2shop is only ordering your products on Amazon as gifts for you. Points2shop does not send out any Amazon orders themself. If the seller fails to deliver your order we have to follow certain steps to claim the money back, once that is done we can refund you too.

After the estimate arrival date has passed, we can start by contacting the seller. We have to contact them and give them up to a week to reply. In case of no reply, we have to contact the seller again and give them another week to reply. If that doesn't work out we can file a claim on Amazon against this seller. This claim needs to be accepted first by Amazon. Once the claim has been accepted, Amazon will decide if we/you are eligible for a refund on the item or order.

It can take up to 30 days for Amazon to make a decision and a refund. However, in most cases the issue can be solved with the seller in an early stadium or the seller decides to refund once the claim has started. The refund from Amazon usually takes between 1-2 weeks.

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