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Locked Points

Below are all the basics you need to know about "Locked Points" and what to do if your points ever become locked.

What Are Locked Points?

If you have been inactive for 4 consecutive months or more (i.e haven't logged into your account once within a 4 month period), any balance you had remaining in your account will be locked until you unlock them. As stated in the Terms & Conditions under Inactive Member Accounts.

Where can I see my Locked points and Locked Points progress?

You can find your locked points and cash here as well as your progress towards that goal.

Why Does Points2Shop Lock Points?

As you can imagine there are thousands and thousands of points sitting in inactive accounts which are considered a liability for Points2Shop and are unlikely to ever be used. The policy was introduced as it is important for the company to move forward.

How To Unlock Your Locked Points

Simply earn the same amount of points/cash that is currently locked from offers or referring new members. Once you have done this your locked balance will become available, ready to spend. Any earnings you make to unlock your balance can be spent/used at any time.

Example: If you have 200 points locked, you will need to earn 200 points to unlock your points. You keep all the points you earn and will have 400 points in the end!

Suggestions to speed up unlocking your points:

How To Avoid Getting Your Points Locked

Simply log in at least once every 4 months. This can be done either on the main website or via the mobile app. All it takes is one login once every 4 months to keep your balance active.


If you are a returning gold+ member and have a considerable amount of points/cash locked due to the new policy, please feel free to send in a Support Ticket to discuss this matter further with the appropriate admin. These will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

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