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Individual contests

There are many individual contests on p2s! They are a great way to get more cash for doing great things on P2S and cashle.

Referral contest The referral contest is where people compete to win prizes for having the most refs on that month! They win from $15 to $1, this is credited to your account within a couple of weeks. This contest is a monthly contest and concludes on the 26th of every month.

Referral contest for New Members The referral contest for New Members is exactly the same as the regular referral contest except only users who register during the month the contest is running will rank in the contest leaderboard. Members can win from $15 to $1, this is credited to your account within two weeks.

High value contest The High Value contest is where the top earners on P2S and cashle compete for extra prizes. The top 15 earners get from $15- $1. This is a monthly contest and credits to the winners account within two weeks. This contest concludes and starts on the 16th. The High value contest earnings are only from that month of the contest. There is currently 2 high value contests, one for US and one for UK members.

Completion Contest The Completion contests runs twice each month. Members can be entered into the contest by completing Points2shop & Cashle offers (Externals offers do not count). There is three contests that run simultaneously, these includes contests for US, UK and international members. There are 10 winners each month with prizes ranging from $0.05 to $10 for each individual contest.

Daily Survey Completion Contest The Daily Survey Completion Contest is similar to the Completion Contest except this time only Daily Surveys are counted. There are two contests that run each week for US and UK members. There are 9 winners and prizes range from $0.05 to $5.

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