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How to avoid getting banned

In order to prevent cheating and maintain high quality advertising partners and a helpful community, Points2Shop maintains strict policies against fraud, having multiple accounts, and similar offenses.

One Account Per Person

This is a simple rule. You are strictly allowed 1 account ever! Creating multiple accounts will result in account issues. Security features are in place which detect this so make sure you only have 1 account. Making multiple accounts will get your account permanently closed.

Multiple Accounts Per Household

Points2shop allows multiple accounts per household so your family members can join and earn some amazing rewards too. However, there are rules in place which need to followed such as Verifying ID to ensure you are not creating false accounts. For the full set of rules and conditions Click Here

How Does My IP Address Change?

IP addresses change sporadically - in some cases several times in a day and in others only a few times a year. The address is assigned by the Internet Service Provider to the network - to a cable modem in a coffee shop or a dialup/DSL modem at home for instance. Therefore, you will get a different IP address whenever you use a different network. Since most public wi-fi services (i.e. coffee shops and fast food restaurants) have only 1 IP address per location, it is a very bad idea to use your account from there.

Use Real Information

Do not provide false information on offers or in your account. Points2Shop has a reputation for high quality. If you make up an address, use a friend's phone, change your zip code, or otherwise avoid using your real contact info, it's fraud.

Advertisers hate fraud, it has no value. Using fake information will not only get your account closed, it also reflects badly on the quality of Points2Shop.

Be Respectful

Points2Shop has multiple modes of communication which are visible to the public. Conversations must be appropriate for children and must not misrepresent Points2Shop or their users.

What To Do If You Get Banned

If you get banned or have any other account issues, please read the Resolving account issues article and send in a Support ticket.

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