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Free shipping

Most items on are sold by separate companies or individuals collectively called "Marketplace Sellers."

All items/orders on Points2Shop that do not qualify for free shipping will have a standard 750 points per item shipping fee. After your order has been placed, the difference between the 750 points and the seller's actual shipping fee (plus sales tax, if applicable) will be returned to your account (or removed if 750 was not enough).

Free shipping is available only on items with a "Free Super Saver Shipping" label.

  1. Find an item marked "Free Super Saver Shipping."
  2. Click the "new" link by the product's search result to see all merchants selling the item.
  3. Find the item which indicates Free Super Saver Shipping in the price column and click "Add to Shopping Cart."
    • Occasionally a marketplace seller may offer Free Super Saver Shipping but generally, qualifying items will be sold directly by
  4. To qualify for free shipping on these items your order must have at least 2500 points worth of Super Saver Shipping merchandise.

$0.00 shipping is not the same as Free Super Saver Shipping

If your order has Free Super Saver Shipping you will not need to pay the 750 point shipping fee when placing your order. If you order from a merchant offering $0.00 shipping, you will need to pay the 750 point shipping fee to place the order, but the entire 750 will be returned to you.

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