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The Points2shop Forums

The Forum is a great place to learn new information from other members. It can be helpful if you are looking for an answer fast that isn't account related. If you have no questions, you can just have fun. The forums are a great place to get to know people, share funny links, or even play forum games. There are two sections to the forum; Site related discussions and General discussions where you can post about your interests. Check out the forums here.

Getting to Know the Forum & Forum Tools

Before creating threads, read the sticky topics in that section of the forum. They offer help that might answer your question before you post. Some sections of the forum have specific strict rules, such as the Freebie forum that you will need to know.

Creating a thread

If you want to create a new thread, make sure to look through the different forum sections so you're posting in a section relevant to your topic. Also you will want to make sure you're not creating a topic similar to another one already made by another member. Once you're ready to create one, click on the forum section you're wanting to post in, and click the green Add Topic button to the right-hand side. You can preview your forum post before submitting to see how it will look, and will help to make sure images are appearing correctly.

To create a thread in the Freebies section of the forum, you need to be at least the Bronze honor level or higher. Only moderators, forum moderators and administrators can create topics in the News, Contests, and Announcements section of the forum. If you're holding a contest and would like your topic to be in that section, ask a forum moderator or other moderator if they will move it for you.

Running Forum Contests

If you're interested in running a contest in the forums, you first will need to send in a ticket to the admin team and ask for permission to run it. Once you have been given permission, you need to include in your post that you've been given permission by admin and that Points2shop is not responsible for the contest. If this is not in your thread, your post would be marked for spam. You're also responsible for the winning payout to the members.

Forum Tools

  • Alerting a moderator - You can report posts or threads in the forums that might be inappropriate for the site, or against our rules. The forum moderators/moderators will review the posts and handle it as needed.
  • Edit post - This will allow you to edit your post. Use this instead of making a new post to the topic or creating a new thread if it doesn't appear the way you want it to the first time.
  • Reply with a quote to this post - This allows you to answer to someone specifically. Quoting someone will actually help that user know you have replied to them, because a notification will appear on the Members Area page because you quoted them.
  • Mark as spam - To delete posts in the forum, you need to be at least a Platinum member or above. This should help in keeping the forum clean. Please still use the Alert a Moderator button if a topic needs deleting or locked by a moderator.
  • Adding a Poll - To add a poll, you need to go to the Create a New Topic page. The link to create a poll will appear there. You can create your poll, copy/paste it on the body when you're creating a new thread, or edit a previous post and add the code for the poll there.

Gaining User Ranks & Earning Medals

The P2S/Cashle forums have Ranks and Medals in which you can earn to showoff. Each will be displayed on your forum posts. These medals and rankings go by how many non-spam posts a member has made in the forums. Below is a breakdown for Ranks and Medals:

User Ranks

  • 1 Post - My first post
  • 5 Posts - New Poster
  • 15 Posts - Getting Chatty
  • 25 Posts - Used to the forums
  • 50 Posts - Junior Member
  • 100 Posts- Senior Member
  • 250 Posts - Am I spamming?
  • 500 Posts - Half way there
  • 750 Posts - Why stop now?
  • 1000 Posts - Points2shop is my specialty
  • 2500 Posts - Old Forum User
  • 5000 Posts - Points2Helper
  • 7500 Posts -Helper is my middle name
  • 10000 Posts - Master Of Posts
  • 15000 Posts - All maxed out

Forum Medals

  • Every 500 Posts - Bronze Medal
  • Every 2000 Posts - Silver Medal
  • Every 5000 Posts - Gold Medal

Chat History

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