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Encouraging referrals to stay active

How to Encourage referrals to stay active

Referrals, or "Ref's" as many P2S members call them, are EXTREMELY important to P2S. By people referring others Points2Shop is kept alive and growing, but what if your Referrals are not active, making your promotion rate go down, "Something out of my control" I have said before. Well there are a few hints I can give you that have encouraged my referrals to stay active.


1.) If your referals never log on, then there is nothing you can do, but if they ever do and you can get in touch with them, either by a small email, or P2S message, You must make it EYE CATCHING and Interesting or no one is going to want to read it. You can send them a five page message but chances are they wont read it or they will skim over it not catching your message. So keep it short and to the point.

2.) Organization is KEY! Break up your paragraphs. Make a title, intro, and concluding paragraph to sum up what you've already told the receiver. DUMMY PROOF your writing. Go into small detail then restate it in a small summarized sentence at the end. NO ONE will want to read a message a foot long that looks like a big mess. If you truly want to do well at Points2Shop you must make the extra effort and do it. Here is a quote that has got me far in life "Today's Preparation determines tommorow's achievement" This applies to many things in life, including P2S.

3.) Entertain your crowd! Tell them something fun to do. not just to fill out a million offers until your brain falls out. Make some jokes, even if they are corny. Don't rule out their option to having a little fun with the games (even though I would mention to manage their use of points on the games) and anything else you can think of to keep them wanting more of P2S.

4.) What will they get??? Explain the prizes and how you or someone else has been sucessful with P2S (There are many people out there. Try to point them to the proof forum). Tell them how easy it is, get them on a roll were they just want more and more of P2S. They're going to want something in return for their hard work on P2S.

Keep this in mind -- DO NOT get them on the get rich quick scheme, NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING in life is for free and neither is Points2Shop, "You have to give something to get something". In this case, your work towards offers and etc. on P2S EARNS you points, it DOES NOT give you for free points.

I really hope this will help you and please message me for any questions or comments on this post, thank you for reading and have a great day!


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