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Getting started

So you want to know about Daily Survey Offers? We've compiled this page for you so that you have the best chances possible of not only qualifying for these surveys, but being approved and credited! Just for your information, the daily surveys are for US, UK AND CA and can be found in the menu "Earn Points" -> "Daily Surveys" or by clicking this link. Every single daily survey can be completed once per 24 hours.

There are some steps you should take, and things you should know while doing this type of an offer. We want to take this time to make you aware of how to complete them, and when to complete them.

Just for your own reference, the qualification / approval rate is around 20-30% with both good days and bad days averaged in. This offer may take a little extra effort and a little extra time, but we feel that it's a great opportunity to do an offer daily and receive a few extra points. Especially if that member is close to their total for their goal, or their order. Daily Surveys also count for the daily surveys quest, so you always get some merits out of trying them, no matter if you get approved or not! Contents


Clicking the offer will bring you to a page with some questions. These questions are 'Screener Questions'. Screener questions basically mean that they are screening your answers to see if you will fit with the survey they have at that time.

These screeners are only about 5-10 questions long normally. Answer these HONESTLY. You must provide accurate, true answers for these surveys. Qualified!

Okay, so you've taken the screener and you have been successfully qualified to participate in the survey. Congratulations! You have now been taken to a new page with questions you have to answer for the survey.

You MUST MUST MUST remember to use ALL correct, accurate, full information and answers for these surveys. This is a HUGE rule.

Take your time while reading, answering and completing the survey. Make sure you understand the question before answering.

This is a serious company that is looking for serious answers from consumers and they have to rely on the honesty of the answers they receive. We cannot stress enough how important it is to use all accurate information, and to spend your time doing the offer. As well as all the offers you have access to.


If you are not eligible for a survey, you should see something like 'try another survey' button from the site you are on (NOT points2shop/cashles site). This button should show on a page with some writing explaining that you didn't qualify and you can try again.

If you would like, you can try again to qualify for this next survey through the survey site you are on by clicking the try another survey button. You can keep trying to qualify for the surveys until you A. Qualify and Complete a survey, or B. run out of possible surveys for that day.

Either way, you can wait 24 hours (MUST BE 24 hours) and try again by accessing the offer through points2shop/cashle. To be on the safe side, you may want to wait 25 or 26 hours.

Please remember, don't get discouraged! If at first you don't succeed, try try again! You may not qualify for one survey one day, or a number of surveys over a period of time, however the next time you try you might just qualify and then qualify for other surveys in the consecutive days after that.

Additional Information

This is an actual research company that conducts tests to make things in your day to day life better in various ways. You must answer truthfully, because providing false information will not only greatly effect the research database but it will also deny your offer and may even disqualify you from ever taking surveys through this research company. In extreme cases, continued use of false information on surveys can even result in being black listed on other survey/research sites.

Other issues can arise if you complete (or attempt to complete) this offer more than once per day by clicking the link through points2shop, cashle, or any site like it.

As always, just remember to take your time, and supply complete and true information.

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