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Completing offers

Below are all things you NEED to know to get the best approval rates available!

This section will be updated and edited as often as possible to ensure that you always have the most current up to date information to achieve the best possible approval rates on your offers. Please check back often for additional tips.

If you're looking for suggestion on how to complete the Daily surveys, you can find that on the Daily surveys page.

TIP! If you get bored easily why not pop on some music while completing offers/surveys. Take regular breaks and chat to some members in the shoutbox.

TIP! Visit for the links of easy and free Points2Shop offers.This site has the links for daily offers and one-time offers for new users to complete. For more offers & updates Please check the site frequently.


Most important ones

  • Clean your cookies after each offer you completed
  • Check your email after completing the offer to respond to any email confirmations
  • Complete every offer only once (exception: daily clicks or surveys or offers that have a retry function)
  • Make sure to also have your internet browser set to allow all cookies/trust all cookies

Important ones for Path Offers

  • Try to complete offers within the path. By doing so, the advertiser will make some money and be more happy to give you credit for your work (check How to complete an offer within an offer for more information!
  • Use a unique email for every offer
  • Select YES to TWO or more offers in the registration process
  • You must make sure that you complete the ENTIRE survey (to the very end)
  • Click any bonus offers if available

Entering Information

  • Always enter accurate information
  • No Robo-form (or auto-fill programs)
  • Take your time while completing the offer
  • View additional pages
  • Only complete each offer ONCE unless it is labeled Daily.


  • Check your browser
  • Enable cookies
  • Enable third-party cookies
  • Clean cookies
  • Take your time while completing the offer
  • Take your time between completing offers
  • Limit the offers you complete each day
  • Turn off pop-up blockers
  • No proxies
  • Additional Updates and Information

How to Complete

  • Don't complete multiple offers from the same group
  • Don't complete lots of offers in one sitting
  • Spread your offers out
  • Activate, Read, Answer! (activate links, read emails, answer calls)
  • Create a new email address (gmail, outlook, yahoo, inbox etc.)

Trial & Paid Offers

  • Don't use prepaid cards
  • Don't cancel right away
  • Make sure advertisers can reach you on the phone
  • Only do trials or paid offers that you seriously find interesting
  • Make sure you have sufficient credit to pay for the trial or paid offer
  • Make sure you enter the correct information
  • Only use a Credit Card
  • Never pay with a gift card, ever
  • Billing and shipping zip codes MUST match
  • Land-line and Cellphone numbers. No online phone numbers
  • Confirm, Confirm, Confirm
  • All Information must be correct; No Errors
  • Never use temporary/invalid email addresses

Entering Information

  • Always enter up to date, complete information. Any fake information will result in no credit or credit that gets denied at a later time.
  • No use of Robo-form (Or any program that automatically enters your information for you) as this greatly decreases your chance of approval. Currently (As of March, 2009) The use of Robo-form and applications like Robo-form are highly influencing your chance of approval. If you use Robo-form (or any application like it) your approval rates will SUFFER.
  • Take your time, read over and double check all information before moving onto the next page, or submitting your form. The extra time will help to show the advertiser you are actually viewing everything they wish you to view.
  • View as many pages as you can, even after you have completed the offer description. Continue to view some additional ads and pages as this can help show the advertiser that you are interested which will make them more likely to credit you.
  • Complete each offer only ONCE. This means through our site, as well as any other site you may be apart of. For example, if you complete Celebrity Quiz on points2shop then you go to a different website and complete that offer again, you may lose your original credit on points2shop and you probably will not receive credit on your newest completion.


  • Its been said that the best browser to use is Firefox, the second best is Google Chrome. Browsers that aren't as good for completing offers include AOL and Netscape. Another thing to note, while IE is a fine browser to use, IE 8.0 is NOT.

More information regarding browser usage:

  • Firefox 4: 52%
  • Chrome, version 10 and 11 (new versions): 48%
  • Chrome, version 8 and 9 (older versions): 46%
  • Internet Explore 9: 46%
  • Firefox 3: 45%
  • Opera: 42%
  • Internet Explore 7 and 8: 38%

Some of the issues with IE 7.0 is that they have launched a security update and they no longer allow the browser to accept all cookies anymore, as well as resetting cookies which lowers the approval rate even lower than usual.

Cookies are the MAIN way that offers are tracked. If you do not have cookies, you will not be credited for your time in the offers.

We HIGHLY recommend using Firefox web browsers while completing offers so that you can achieve the highest approval rate possible.

Please make sure that ALL cookies are enabled in your browser as well as any firewalls being set to allow ALL cookies.

  • Please be sure to enable your cookies. You can usually do this by going to Tools, Options or Tools, Internet Options and then selecting to enable cookies (Or changing your security on cookies to allow more to be accepted).
  • Hand in hand, you must clear cookies right after completing (And marking as completed) your offer. This helps ensure that you do not have cookies that stay longer than needed.

To turn on cookies

In Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options and then on the new window that opens click Privacy Tab. Look for 'Settings' and slide that bar to Accept All Cookies.

In Firefox:

Open Firefox, click Tools then Options. In that new window please find Privacy, then Cookies and make sure the Accept cookies from sites box has a check in it as well as Accept third-party cookies. Also, make sure 'Keep Until' is followed by 'they expire'.

  • Take your time! Yes, this is repeated to help aid your approval success. The longer you take to fill out a survey, the more chance you have of it approving. A good way to gauge your time is to read the pages, the questions, the answers, etc. View the ads and do your offers leisurely. This shows the advertiser that you are interested in not only the reward you are receiving for completing the offer, but also for the offer that you are completing.
  • Take your time between offers. If you rush all offers, it's very unlikely they will credit.
  • Limit the offers you complete each day. Doing too many offers on a day will highly reduce your approval rate
  • Turn off your pop-up blockers! This is also said to help while completing offers.
  • Don't use anti-virus or firewalls while completing offers. Sometimes this can be problematic for multiple reasons, including a proxy issue that may come up with your membership on Points2shop.
  • Proxies should never be used. Advertisers don't like them, and Points2shop doesn't allow them, ever.
  • There are no longer multiple quiz rockets to complete so doing so will only result in the leads being denied. In addition to that, the approval rate went down from very high to low approval credits recently.

How To Complete

  • Do not complete multiple offers from the same group (Or 'Family'). This rings especially true for free offers. Completing multiple offers in one day, or even in a couple consecutive days may result in poor credit approval.
  • Don't complete a lot of offers in one sitting. A great amount to complete in any one day would be 5 offers. You can try up to 10 while still receiving alright credit approval, however the fewer you do daily, the more chances they will credit.
  • Claim your offers. (Applies to Manual Offers only!) We cannot credit you if you don't claim your offer. You should try to get in the habit of completing an offer, marking it as completed, then clearing your cookies. All Other offers are now automatically claimed for you.
  • Spread your offers out, take your time doing an offer. Then give a little bit of time before completing the next offer. 5 minutes in between offers is a great time to give. If you wait a little longer, you can improve your approval rate a little more as well.
  • Most advertisers will NOT credit you unless you confirm their contact. This can be an email that they send you. If it is, please be sure to click the link so that they know you have received their contact.

This can be by phone, please answer and listen to their call. If they receive a voice-mail they may not credit you with points. They usually just want to welcome you to whatever you have signed up for.

  • You MUST submit a UNIQUE email address to each offer completed. Using the same email multiple times could cause offers not to credit as regularly if at all.

Additional information on 2,2,2's - You must complete the entire survey. You will have to answer YES to atleast two of the offers during the signup/completion of the offer. Once you have completed the registration portion you will be required to click at least one bonus offer (where offered).

The more offers within the survey that you signup for (or opt-in to), the higher your chances will be to get the offer to credit for you. This is a VERY important tip and something to remember when completing any offers. When you complete an offer within the path itself, your chances for being credited raise considerably.

Trial Offers

  • Never use prepay credit cards/gift cards. Most advertisers won't allow you to use them and will be declined right away. Other advertisers may end up denying your credit later if you do use a prepay.
  • Don't sign up then cancel right away. Advertisers will see that you didn't give their service or product a fair try and will be less inclined to credit you. Only sign up for things you really want to try, and give it an honest shot. Most trials have at-least a 7 day grace period where you can cancel without being charged. Use that time to try the product or service.
  • Make sure advertisers can reach you on the phone, otherwise a lot of trials won't even approve, or will be reversed afterwards. Advertisers confirm by phone if you are a serious potential customer with serious interest.
  • Only do trials or paid offers that you seriously find interesting. Advertisers don't pay you because they like to give away money. They pay you because they like you to seriously try out their products. If you only do a trial or paid offer for the incentive, it's very likely the offer will be reversed or not even credit.
  • Correct information isn't just a big thing to remember for credit, but also for correspondence with your trial. Double check to make sure all information is correct before submitting your page. This is so that your trial isn't sent to a different address. This could also be so that the company doesn't try to call a different house, or get a error when calling (This would result in non credit approval).
  • When completing trial offers always try to use a credit card (Not a Debit Card). We are unsure why, but some advertisers will NOT approve offers completed using debit cards.
  • Never use a gift card to complete an offer. Gift cards are blacklisted for most advertisers. While you may get your trial, you will not receive credit if you have used a gift card for payment.
  • Use the credit card corresponding with where you live. For the best results, try to use the credit card that has the same address as your current house. The closer the zip code on your credit card is, the higher your chance of approval.
  • When completing trial offers you MUST use a Land-line, or mobile phone number. Using Brring, Grand Central, and other online phone service numbers will not work. If you want your offer to credit, you must use a Land-line or mobile phone number.
  • Confirm! If you receive an email from the trial you've just completed, read it. Click the links. Activate the account/service. If you receive a phone call, answer and see what they are calling for. It has come to our attention that soft phones (Or Internet/VoIP phones) are not appreciated by the advertisers and will result in a lower approval rating.
  • Make sure you enter all information correctly. No typos! Messing up on your order form could result in non tracking issues and even in not receiving the item. This could also cause issues for the company to find your account should you need assistance.
  • Use an email address you have complete access to. Don't sign up with a fake email address, or a temporary inbox. Temporary inbox addresses are not allowed on points2shop, nor through our advertisers. Use of a temporary inbox address could affect your approval rates negatively.

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