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Challenging someone to a game

When you reach the Silver honour level you can challenge other people on Points2Shop to play a game. To do this, add the person to your friends list by clicking the "Add Buddy" image on their profile, then go back to their profile and click the blue "Challenge" button. Alternatively, you can go in the earn points/cash tab, click play games, choose the game you want to play, then just before you play the game, click the blue "Invite Friends to this Game", then add the friend(s) you want to play with.

When you invite a friend on Points2Shop to play a game with you, they have the option to play the game or ignore the invitation. However, if they ignore the invitation or just don't see it in their inbox, you've already placed your bet and played that game! Fortunately, those points are not lost forever.

Getting a refund

To get a refund on invited games when the other person did not play, first click Played Games on the main games page, then click the Status column to show your open games first or use this direct link.

You will see a new Delete link beside any game where your opponent did not play. When you click this link, the invitation will be removed and your points will be returned. To be fair and avoid canceling invitations immediately, only games more than 7 days old may be deleted.

Avoiding ignored invitations

Just ask the person you want to invite to a game if they want to play before inviting them. The private message is a great way to find someone to challenge and also a great way to be sure that your challenge will be accepted!

Chat History

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