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Cash payments

Cash Payments

You can cash out to one of the many cash withdraw methods we offer including Paypal, Payza, E-Gold, Dwolla, Balanced, check/cheque and many more! For full list of methods, minimums, and fees can be viewed in Withdraw Earnings. Input your details into the respective method, the amount you intend to withdraw and your account email address (for Paypal, etc.) and submit.

Please Note! Your points balance cannot be withdrawn to a cash method nor converted to cash.

Requested Withdrawals

Requested cash withdrawals can take up to one or two business days to be processed. The status, date requested, amount and more can be viewed on the Requested Withdrawals page. To cancel a payment you've requested, which can only be done in the pending status, click 'Delete'. Funds will be credited back to your account immediately after cancelling.

What your status means

  • Pending - Your withdraw is awaiting approval.
  • Ready to be paid - Your account has been checked and your withdraw is waiting to be finalized. Your withdrawal cannot be cancelled at this point.
  • Approved - Your withdraw was processed successfully and funds added to your account.
  • Instant - Your withdraw was processed instantly and funds have been added to your account. This is only possible for Gold+ members.
  • Denied - Your withdraw was denied and therefore cash refunded back to your account.

Instant Payments

You're able to withdraw Paypal and Payza payments instantly when you are at least gold honor level. Instant payments are limited to once every 24 hours, up to $100 value. Multiple withdrawals or a higher valued withdraw will need to be approved by admin manually and will be placed in the pending status when requested.

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