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Building a wishlist

Have you ever used the wishlist/goals feature of Points2Shop? It's useful to keep track of items you would like to purchase. Using the "Add To Goals" buttons on reward pages you can build a wishlist so you have something to aim for.

Any items you "Add To Goals" will show up whenever you sign in on the Members Area page showing the item, the points required, and the number of points you still need in order to achieve your goal. This should help to keep you on track with your "eye on the prize!"

The wishlist/goals feature does not lock you into a prize or lock your points, they just serve as a reminder. Of course, you're free to order anything you want and add/remove items as you wish!

How To Add Items To Your Goals

Simply find your items in the Reward Gallery and click "Add To Goals".

How To View / Edit Your Goals

To access your Goals simply navigate to the Spend Points tab and click "Your Goals" or go to the Reward Gallery and click "You Goals" in the blue bar.

Here you will be able to see what items are in your goals, how much they cost, add them to your cart to buy or remove them if you no longer want them.

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