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Do you want to earn cash? Do you have friends from US, Canada, or the UK?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then we would like to offer you our easy to use, easy to earn promoter membership. With the promoter membership, you can earn REAL cash just by referring new members. We offer you up to $1.50 for each American and UK member you refer (After they have verified) on top of an exclusive three downline referral level of earnings.

What can I get?

You will receive up to $0.50 for each US/UK member that enters their information and verifies their email address, depending on member activity. You will then receive another $0.50 for each member that completes an offer, bringing the total to $1.00. Your referral earnings are dependent on the activity of your referrals. This means that you have a great opportunity to earn a bunch of cash just for referring members. How easy is that?!

Referral Country Tiers
Tier / Countries Registration First Offer Other
1. USA and UK $0.50 ** $0.50 $0.50 Bonus*
2. CA, AU, DE, ES, FR, NL, NO, SE, SG $0.01 $0.20
3. AE, AT, BE, BR, CH, CL, DK, FI, HK, $0.01 $0.10
4. All Other Countries $0.01 $0.01

*High quality bonus -payout amount depends on quality of referrals and their offers completed.
**Dynamic rate - decreases with inactive referrals.

Downline Levels

Not only can you earn from the members you refer, but you can also earn a percentage on your referral downline!

  • For the members that you have referred, you earn 15% of qualifying offers they do.
  • For members that your members refer, you receive 3% of qualifying offers they do.
  • For members that your members members refer you receive 2% of qualifying offers they do.

Promotion rates

You receive the signup bonus (up to $0.50 for personal information entered, and $0.50 for offer completion per member) IN ADDITION to the three level tier. If your referral signs up and completes their personal information and does an offer, you can receive up to $1.50 as soon as they do based on your current promotion rates. You will continue to earn as long as they continue to complete offers.

There are two promotion rates: for registration and if someone completes a qualifying offer. The 'registration' rate is dynamic, and if your referral quality is not high enough it could possibly go lower. The 'first offer completed' promotion rate is also dynamic and can increase if your referral quality is high. This means you have a chance at a $1 rate per eligible offer completed, in addition to the $0.50 rate for registration. This is a total of $1.50 per active referral! Users who complete an offer or refer others are counted as active users. You can see your current referral rates here

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