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API Introduction

Points2Shop offers an API that allows you to use the Points2Shop data for your own website or application! Want to show testimonials at your website? Want to make an application that shows the most popular offers? Want to make a toolbar or mobile app that allow users to check their own stats? It's all possible with the advanced Points2Shop APIs!

Sounds cool, how do I get started?

First of all you should know that Points2Shop has 2 APIs. We have a REST API that allows you to access data that does not require user's permissions. The OAuth API allows you to access data that requires user's permission. Here's a quick sum up of the features each API offers:


  • Access testimonials
  • Access offers for most recent offers, most popular offers etc.
  • Access shoutbox shouts


  • Access users' basic information, like points, cash, merits etc.
  • Access users' completed offers
  • Access users' referrals

Ok easy enough, now I really want to get started

Sure thing! Both API's requires you to visit our Create Application Page and create an application. Creation of an application is required to receive credentials to make use of the APIs.

While creating the application, specify these details:

  • Type: This indicates the type of your application. In case you're developing a website you'll have to choose "web application". If you're developing a desktop application, toolbar or mobile application you will have to choose "Installed application." Make sure to register a new application for each project.
  • Redirect URLs: in order to use OAuth, register the redirect URLs. We redirect the users only to registered URLs after the OAuth authorization. If you only want to use the REST functionality, you can leave this blank.

After you submit the form, the application will be created. You will be redirected to your application details page. The page will show the following details which you will need later when you gonna use the APIs:

  • Key: API Key for REST API usage
  • Client ID: required for OAuth API
  • Client secret: required for OAuth API

Ok, all done, is that really all to use the APIs?

Yes, that's all: You're ready to get started with the REST API or OAuth API. Please continue reading in the API specific sections:


Points2shop OAuth API

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