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Earning points and cash online is easy, quick, and fun! provides many opportunities to earn points and cash with a supportive community to help you earn efficiently and answer any questions you may have.

Browse the Points2Shop wiki for answers to common questions and valuable advice from other members. If you find anything that is incorrect or unclear, feel free to correct it by editing the Points2Shop wiki

Earning points and cash

  • [[How to earn prizes]]
  • [[Completing offers]]
  • [[Points2Shop Android Plugin]]
  • [[Playing games]]
  • [[Referring new users]]
  • [[Cashback shopping]]
  • [[Locked Points]]
  • [[The Points2Shop lottery]]
  • [[Competing in contests]]
  • [[Shoutbox collaboration tips]]

Spending points and cash

  • [[Searching for prizes]]
  • [[Ordering your prize]]
  • [[Free shipping]]
  • [[Building a wishlist]]
  • [[Converting cash to points]]
  • [[Cash payments]]
  • [[Causes]]

Compete to earn more

  • [[Individual contests]]
  • [[Quest merits]]
  • [[Team competitions]]
  • [[Competing in sweepstakes]]
  • [[Playing games]]
  • [[Challenging someone to a game]]
  • [[The Points2Shop lottery]]

Promote Points2Shop to get referrals

  • [[Become a Promoter]]
  • [[Referring new users]]
  • [[Choosing a referral landing page]]
  • [[Send your referral a message]]
  • [[Referral strategies and advice]]
  • [[Encouraging referrals to stay active]]
  • [[Proof of prizes]]

Learn more about your account

  • [[Honour levels and unlocking new features]]
  • [[Customizing your profile]]
  • [[Sending and receiving messages]]
  • [[How to avoid getting banned]]
  • [[How to cancel your account]]

Getting assistance

  • [[Support tickets]]
  • [[Forum]]
  • [[Shoutbox collaboration tips]]
  • [[Help:Contents|How to Edit the Wiki]]


  • [[Cookies]]
  • [[Order problems]]
  • [[Trouble logging in]]
  • [[Resolving account issues]]
  • [[Reporting errors]]
  • [[Spam]]


  • [[Become an advertiser]]

Points2Shop API

  • [[API Introduction]]

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