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Created: 2011-06-10 08:37:18
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Hey ^*^

Since external offers now count towards total earnings I think it would be a really great idea to include them all in the completed offers area as well (they will only appear in the cash and points area) for tracking purposes. I generally check that area the most so it would be nice to include internals you completed over there and it can even help boost the approval rates :]

I also think from the points and cash page, all external earnings should not only appear in the Balance History below but be added to our earnings graph page. I don't know about alot of people but im a very visual person and would rather have an easy glance on what i earned for the day rather than having to skim through it:

The day 3 I circled can be externals i completed but they show as if I did nothing. Or I could earn $3 from offers and 4$ off externals for example but the graph of course, only adds in the 3$ from regular offers.

Just thought it would be nice things to include :)
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Yh i like this idea hopefully can be included
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Yep I've thought about the same thing and mentioned it to Mat. Maybe he forgot about that ;) Lol - Hope to see it added into the earnings graph.
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nice abby id like to see that too
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Its on our to do list. We will have to make a separate page to show completions though, but we will make it.

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