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Created: 2011-05-26 19:46:36
This post has been deleted.
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Causes Spotlights.

It could be weekly or monthly, something to help get the word out for new causes, or old of course. Starting a new cause myself makes me realize just how little visibility causes have, and something new is hard to pick up if it's low on the list. Having support through admin messages would have a huge impact. Hope you guys will consider something like this. :)

Also, even rotational Bot announcements in the shoutbox would help out to spotlight causes.
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It WOULD be nice to have some stats, like how many or $ amount of rewards have been claimed (past week, month) or similar. This would be neat to know, and newbies would like to see that it works!
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It might be nice to send out a member-wide message when issues like the current PayPal withdrawal glitch comes around to tell members about the issue and inform them of what they should or should not do to avoid account issues. It would hopefully help lower the number of accounts/tickets that admins will then have to work on when it's all taken care of. If they don't read it or choose to ignore it, then it's their own fault if they end up having issues. Just a thought. :)

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