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Created: 2011-05-26 19:46:36
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I know it's been awhile since anyone has replied to these posts, but has any of these suggestions came to fruition?

• A short story titled 'A Day in the Life of an Admin.'
-------To promote how super awesome they are and how hard they work. lol jk

I would like to hear more statistics, -

• Who qualified more this week/month? Men or Women? 13-25 yrs or 25-50+ yrs?
• Offer of the week
• How many new members have we had this week/month?
• Total Payout for the week/month?
• Dearest/Cheapest rewards claimed for the week/month
• Up and coming updates.
• Behind the scenes? (Just random things)
• Pictures
• A Mod Blog?

I don't know if some of these have been suggested but I took a quick bash at it. I like Mod Blog lol.


What kind of content would the "mod blog" include? it sounds fun!! definitely something I'd be up forlacrimosaangel
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When you complete a certain level or do certain objectives I believe you guys should give out points to reward the user and maybe to find more people to promote the site as well
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There should be something done about shipping, as in going through better shipping services. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks after my order approval for me to get what i order and sometimes it delays for a few weeks more!
2010-01-20 00:30:31
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I think that once a month, P2S should send out Inboxes telling everybody how many members have been banned, And if possible, why they got banned

2 reasons for this..

1) - Its interesting, for us members who are always on our best behaviour

2) - so members know that they can, and will be banned for breaking the rules. - Sort of like a reminder that there is admins working behind the scenes and they WILL ban you if rules are brokebantz

True it would be nice to see This!
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