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Created: 2011-05-16 02:10:31
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I believe we should be able to choose the notifications that pop up on the screen here, the ones the say "Gained 1 Merit" or "Gained 20 Points". The reason I want this is because after I do an offer I get a merit for doing whatever and then the notification pops up, which gets me excited but then I get disappointed when I find out it was just the merit. I'd like to be able to choose for the merit notifications to no longer pop up and just the point ones to. Sorry if it's hard to understand, I'm not too great at taking an idea from my head and typing it out... :)
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Am I spamming?
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i dont really mind it, but i completely aggre about getting excited about the merit one popping up, because i always think its going to be the points for a second haha =/
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so true ahah i be thinking my order is confirmed next thing you kow its a merit ahah
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I guess that can be pretty good :D
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I believe you can already do this - Go to the my account tab > site preferences:

and youll see a line that says 'popup interval' then click on the option that says never.
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Abby that pop-up interval option is a message pop-up that announces and reminds you about offers.

I understood the suggestion perfectly, so don't worry about not explaining right ;) I think it makes sense though to have that option for members if they don't want to see it. I know at times when that pop-up appears that I notice a difference in my speed using the site, so I'd probably consider that option myself sometime if it were set up like that. But like adastraabextra, I don't really mind the pop-ups that appear. I support it - not really needed, but would be nice.

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