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Points2Shop Forums » Referral Talk » Youtube Thumbs Up Exchange [For Referrals]
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Created: 2011-05-15 18:21:55
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Kindly stickied in the referral forum by agm1992 :)

Original idea by NS RziLLa in the Sub4Sub Exchange (Off Topic forum, check it out), so I take no credit. :)

Small tip: If you're wanting to keep Points2Shop open while you "Like" the videos below, simply right click the links, and select open in new tab/window. If you already know this, I apologise, but there are some that don't :)

What is a thumbs up?
A thumbs up on a Youtube video is basically an indicator the you enjoyed the video or its content. This affects your position in the Youtube search results, as well as Google and other search engines. It will also show in the like/dislike bar (or thumbs-up percentage on mobile devices) of your video, making people more likely to click on your video, watch it and perhaps click your ref link.

What does a thumbs down do?
The opposite of a thumbs up - It essentially means your video is of bad quality, or its content is wrong, therefore it has a detrimental effect on your video's ranking and rating. It also affects viewers, in that, if someone disliked it, it can't be good, and thus they won't watch it

So what's to be done? The Thumbs up exchange, of course! Basically, we all pool our referral videos in this thread, like each other's videos, and increase the likelihood of referrals. And how do you get involved? Simply click the like button on all the videos below, and your video will be added to the exchange. Others will also like your video in weeks to come, and those already involved will also like your video, so its a win-win situation.

. One video per person (PM me, or post below, if you want me to change your video)
. Referral videos ONLY (although I will allow gameplay if it includes a ref link)
. Don't embed the video below, simply provide a link (takes up too much space)
. Do not spam
. Don't try and mess the system up by not liking people's videos, or disliking them purposefully
. Comments are welcomed but not necessary
. To gain subscribers, check this forum post - Sub4Sub Exchange. Subscribers can help your Youtube position and rankings, so I suggest you try this one out (thanks to Josh989 for the info on subscribers)

Thanks for reading, and here comes the list:

0. divenpatel (he got the topic stickied, hence the preferential treatment)

1. ChrisLikesFreeStuff

2. Matteochirco

3. Spikes007

4. Tristan814

5. chevs10zach

6. Jimbell

7. arpeejajo

8. Josh 989

9. melodyb

10. lomas1984

11. bleepokemon

12. CrescentFunds

14. Freeborn11

15. freshman5000

16. Maximisedgamer

17. prizehunta

18. Dysc0rd

19. noiby

20. stuboy262

21. Magichobo

22. nadeemrh
Video has been removed from Youtube

23. SuperHippo95

24. rb6455

25. chraynaus

26. fernzboyz

27. JackSoRules
Video has been removed from Youtube

28. tielknight

29. soccerpro3042

30. 420DeathTrip

31. ducklover23

32. james862

33. BattleTron

34. kam112

35. reeceo94

36. Noahmcdx

37. tombrady814

38. wilsonnbeth

39. lindseyn7

40. Anarchanoid

41. rcm52786

42. Murkil

43. MrTooGee

44. lifeclickz

45. GiveMeAPrize

46. coopz 651

47. oreoguy123

48. herbonthepc

49. ktanner

50. painonlymakesyoustronger

51. badman1271

52. polskiebmw

53. gmer11

54. lilcb2g

55. Mandalore;=channel_video_title

56. gamoleeau755

57. qpc1eanki11qp

58. jamie575

59. kingofkhans;=channel_video_title

60. Zennmaster;

61. clickingforcash

62. SolveMyMaze

63. P1996

64. handsomej;

Please, please, please read the rules before posting your video below.

Would also like to mention that I am human, so if your video is not added immediately, I'm probably offline, or busy. Be patient :)
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Nice. I'll say the same as I said to NS RziLLA. I'll happily thumbs up you guys but I dont want it in return. Add me to your message list and keep me posted and I'll thumbs you all up.

Happy Exchanging.

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I dont get this. But I clicked on the link and liked it :))
2010-02-25 12:29:03
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Am I spamming?
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I thumbs up yours.

here is mine:
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i dont want mine thumbed up but ill give you a thumbs up :) its a good idea
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Points2shop is my specialty
Total posts: 1031
Date of Birth: 1992-10-22
Total Earnings: $722.71
I thumbs up yours.

here is mine:

Your link doesn't seem to work :/
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My Youtube Vid:
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Liked both videos on the list, here's mine:
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And liked both videos in OP

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