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Created: 2011-05-13 09:49:57
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I've been wondering if I can exchange a GreenDot MoneyPak into points.
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Wish I could use other gift card bonuses
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Thanks for adding this for everyone! I am going to try it soon! :) Do you just send in a support ticket then?
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Amazon isnt the best choice for rewards in my opinion.
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I too have a few small gift cards and now I know what to do w them :-) Ty
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lol, I will use my amazon gift cards, to buy more amazon gift cards :D
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But this is just amazon gift cards? No other type of gift card?
You live and you learn.
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nice job, i know alot of members have been asking for thispopeye

We have been asked a lot if it would be possible to send us amazon gift cards that we can exchange for points. We have tested this extensively with platinum members and are now ready to open this to all members.

If you don't have enough points to buy a certain product you can buy an Amazon card on Amazon (or maybe you still have one) and add that value to your points balance to be able to buy that expensive item you always wanted

- Send in a ticket with title: "Exchange amazon gift card to points"
- Add the amazon gift card code and it's value
- We will add the points equivalent of the gift card to your balance.


- Minimum of 5 dollar or pound in gift cards, it is OK to combine multiple ones but please not TOO small.
- Please don't rush it but order them on time so we have time to take care of it . It might take a couple of days.
- The transactions are NOT reversible!
- We can refuse gift cards without giving a reason.
- You cannot use this feature to exchange gift cards for other members.
- You cannot use this feature to get other gift cards on Points2shop
- If you exchange CAD or GBP gift cards we will use the daily exchange rates here:

We do NOT exchange points into gift cards! Only gift cards into points.

Update: We now have a category for 'exchange Amazon giftcard to points' Please post your requests there from now on. We have also had a lot of 'abuse' from people exchanging Amazon giftcards for points, than their points into walmart giftcards. Which will cost us a lot of extra work/time. We will therefor have to start adding a fee of 50 cent per gift card as of November 1st.woerdensliesje

Thanks for the tip. I was at the store looking at Amazon gift cards. Next time, I'll pick one up to help me out :)
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how can i get a psn card
Hello, I'm belapista and I'm a volunteer member at Points2Shop. Check out my profile to see what I earned. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help!.
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Gonna go outside and buy cards

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