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Created: 2011-05-13 09:49:57
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I just spent points on my first amazon gift card today.
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Abby, the exchange Amazon gift cards to points category is under Account cancellation when you're sending a ticket in.

I'm really disappointed in the addition fee for the conversion now. :/ I've never ordered walmart gift cards but I've used this exchange a couple times and was planning on using it even more. Wish there was a workaround for those of us who wasn't abusing this conversion.
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Thanks Chevy! :}
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Chevy and Abby, currently using the amazon gift cards from members also costs us time/money while in the past it it actually had a benefit for us. We now pay for the Amazon orders we place in a different way so we only continue to offer this because members like the opportunity. That also plays a role in this decision.

on many gift card exchange websites you can sell your Amazon gift cards for a 5-10% fee. IE 100 dollar gift card gets you 92 dollar back. So I think our fee is still very reasonable.

It will just encourage people to exchange larger gift cards instead of 100's of small ones which saves us a lot of time and we can focus more on other stuff, like support tickets.
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oh yeah... I've seen this. What if instead you give us points if we have a gift card and we get 100 points for 1 dollar and so on. You guys could then take the codes and sell them as gifts you can send to people through E-Mail. you would need to work something out with amazon though.
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I think that this is a great idea, especially considering it has been requested by users. Also other sites offer amazon gift cards so it isn't necessarily you spending money that is converted into points.
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you can do that i will do that now?
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can yo do it with old navy gift cards
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this site is geting me nurvous how to work in it

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