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Created: 2009-03-23 19:51:43
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Why stop now?
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Hello Members,

We wanted to release the winners of the video contest!! We watched tons and tons of videos that were all great. You made it really hard for us to choose who won what. You made it SO hard that we have EIGHT winners, we just couldn't choose only three.

First winner with 1500 points - tkavil3
Second winner with 1000 points - Pyrojoe
Third winner with 500 points - chiman10

Because we loved the videos so much we also have FIVE members who won 250 points each:


All winners will be paid as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out everyones entries by viewing the contest thread here.

We wanted to thank EVERYONE who has participated, and congratulate the winners!! You have supplied us with awesome work that any new member would love to view.

The Extra money network Team.
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Wow! i didn't think i would win.. thank you very much! now i have enough points for my prize.. also congratulations to the other winners and everyone else that tryed.. i saw some good videos and i honestly thought i wouldn't even place..

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Why stop now?
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I WON?!?!?! yes!! thats so awesome well i came in 3rd place but still wooot!!
my expected days till i get wireless mic.-2 many days
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tbh i thought i would place
most of the videos were just pictures with music
but thats fine
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Congrats to everyone that won!
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yea congrats to the winners, most of the videos were like about the same but sum stood out more than others..well im glad i won sumthing at least and i just used a old video lol..thanks points2shop
=] [Project PlaystationTHREE]
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i didnt even know there was a video contest, lol.
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Congrats to all who won!
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Yay :D Even though I already knew I was one of those five who got 250 points. I'm glad though, I'm sure my video will help many members out there with the modpath/ goldsilverplatinum offers that many people have trouble with.
This post has been deleted.

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