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Points2Shop Forums » Referral Talk » Writing a Sales Copy To Get Refs - for the Noobs
Created: 2011-04-30 12:22:37
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I noticed that most people here are trying really hard to make a proper website that converts really well. I won't dive into all the ways to increase conversions but I will give you some tips that can improve it by 2% probably.

#1 People read left to right.
I continue to see people always putting the important stuff on the left of the page. Makes no sense. You should always make the reader comfortable so that they will continue to read your site and probably sign up as your ref.

#2 Testimonials Above the Fold
Above the fold is this: it depends on the size of the monitor but you should not have to scroll down a page to see a testimonial . Put it on top of the page. Just put one and if you can get a video this will definitely increase conversion due to the fact that our age has ADD ;)

#3 You want the person to trust you
Most people say you earn trust, but you can make people trust you by what you
say and what you do. For example, instead of saying sign up here for your free ms points. say it like this "Only you can decide if you want to play your favorite games on xbox. think about all your friends that you won't be able to play with, etc. " I did a test that shows that people reaction when you bring their friends into the picture.

#4 Call To Action
Your call to action should be the thing that helps finalize the readers choice. Basically you hype up your sales copy, then end it with a nice big happy wonderfully beautiful sign up button :D

#5 Using Emotions
Emotions play a big role in getting a ref. The big ones are Fear, Greed, Guilt ( not sure if they are emotions but they work) Then you counteract these emotions with a solution( points2shop) Lets say you were using fear. They fear of loosing thier play time with friends ---> Points2shop. They want more money ---> Points2shop( although I don't think money is greed) They are guilty of breaking something and they dont have money ---> Points2shop.

#6 3 second rule....
or probably 8 but I can't remember. You have 3 seconds.... to convince the person to read on. if it gets boring you loose. Remember only 3 seconds. that little time you have to convince the person to read on, think about it, and click. so around 1 second for each. and the 3 seconds begins on the header of the page. yes its scary but once you master it you will get good conversions.

Thats all I can think about right now but their are definitely tons more ways to improve your sales copy. so feel free to ask questions and ill answer them.

i'm still working on my site but you can find it here --->

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1 other point to add here. People tend to look at the top right of the page then scroll down to the bottom left. So any catchy banners/pictures should follow this. Pics on the right then text on the left.

Appart from that its a real nice guide. Congrats.

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May I ask why you are writing these kinds of posts?
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to help people
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Nice guide!
Thanks for sharing ;D
PM me for advice on referrals!
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Nice guide. I really like the banner on your site too...
But one thing I am concerned about is that the banner says for U.S only?
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it targets the traffic. I've only had like 3 sign ups from outside US and rest are US :D
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thanks for these buddy.

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