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Created: 2011-04-19 18:00:26
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I've noticed a LOT of new members are unsure of how to order an item, and I have written a guide to help you all! I made it for my personal referral site, but thought that I would copy and paste it here for you all as a reference point.

If anyone has a problem with this being stickied, then please let me know and I will take it down!

Getting your free items has never been easier - The integrated reward gallery links DIRECTLY to Amazon! If Amazon have it, you can get it 100% FREE!

Here is a step by step guide on how to use your points to order your free Gifts!
First off, you need to enter the Reward Gallery!
Simply Click the link that the red arrow is pointing to!

That will take you to the Main Reward Gallery page...

As you can see, there are many categories here, where you can find just about everything from pens to consoles, phones etc! We even have a gift card gallery where you can find psn, xbl, msp etc. (Please note that these gift cards are mostly emailed and you need to be bronze before having codes emailed to you)

Put your item in the search bar, and hit the "find rewards" button to show all the results! (Note: The search is for items only. You will not find the gift cards with the search function) The reward gallery is linked to your local Amazon service automatically!

All the search results will be shown on the screen for you to look through, complete with prices and whether the item is new or used!
Please however be aware that only 5 pages of results will be shown unless you select a catagory through which to search!

After clicking on the name of a product you wish to purchase, you get taken to the following page-

If you Click the "Add to Goals" Button (Outlined in red here), you can add the selected item to a special goals list so that you know how many points you need to save for. Clicking the "see this on Amazon" button takes you to the Amazon page for the item (new window) so that you can see the product rating and more information about the merchant!
The information in the purple box shows you how many merchants carry the item you selected and the "from" price - allowing you to select the cheapest, or most suitable option for you!

To order the item, you will need to click the "Add to Cart" Button (Outlined in blue)
This will take you to the Shopping Cart Page!

This is possibly the MOST important page when placing your order!
Along with a summary of the item, the Shipping Cost will be displayed - Don't Worry! This is ALL paid for with points, and is usually FREE on orders worth over 2500 points!

The check boxes (Highlighted on the left) are all your "extra" options for the order. It is advised that you tick as MANY of these as you can as any changes in price/out of stock products will NOT approve, but ticking these gives the admin permission to order the product at a slightly higher rate or from a different seller!

Once you have selected your options, it's time to place that order!
There's a few more options for you to choose from, however you do NOT have to tick any of these!
Once you are sure that you are wanting to order, hit the "Purchase Rewards" Button indicated by the arrow!

Congratulations on placing your order!
It can take up to 3 buisness days for the admin to approve the order so please, be patient :)


My "purchase" button is greyed out - Why?!
Occasionally, you may find that the "purchase" button is greyed out, as in the picture above. There are really only 3 reasons for this-

You have not yet completed your demographics.
Members are now able to complete a few offers before completing their demographics, allowing you to "test" the site. However, if you do not complete this section, comprising of your name, address and other information, you will not be able to place an order.

You do not have enough points.
Please check that you have enough points to cover the cost of the item itself AND the shipping/taxes! You also need to ensure that you have enough points to cover any "Pay up to xxx Extra" Boxes that you have ticked!

You have unresolved account issues.
Hopefully, you will never encounter this issue, but occasionally, members are unable to place an order due to issues with their accounts. This is normally the case if they have signed up using false information or have breached the Terms and Conditions of the site, Most commonly the "1 account per household/ip" rule. I hope that you will not ever have to deal with such an issue, but should there ever be a problem, it is easily solved by sending a "support ticket" to the admin team who will assist you in resolving the issue! However, provided that you don't use false information, you should never encounter this problem!
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i know how to buy things, im just saving up
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this is an exellent guide it will save me from typing similar content over and over for people who ask me, i love the pics too adds nice touch.

good work,
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great stuff mate
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Hey i bought the dollar to see if it would work but that was like a week ago and i havent gotten it yet. what is up with that
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i did mine on redeeming ms points card
but yours is way better than mine lol!
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thanks helped alot....
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i wish there are more people like you
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thank you
2011-01-27 13:48:15

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