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Created: 2011-04-19 09:10:48
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We just ran some calculations about approval rates per browser, and got some nice results.

It seems the most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome are performing best, followed by the most recent version of Internet Explore, version 9. The older Firefox, version 3, is slightly under-performing but still decent. Internet Explore 7 & 8 are seriously under-performing: 14% lower than Firefox 4. Opera seems to be somewhere in the middle.

Here are the full approval rate stats per browser:

Firefox 4: 52%
Chrome, version 10 and 11 (new versions): 48%
Chrome, version 8 and 9 (older versions): 46%
Internet Explore 9: 46%
Firefox 3: 45%
Opera: 42%
Internet Explore 7 & 8: 38%

There are also people who complete offers at their consoles or even at Iphones (I guess on wifi). The approval rates do not seem to be very good:

Wii: 35%
iPhone: 35%
Playstation: 31%

It also appears that safari is performing pretty poor. My guess is that Safari is primarily used at Mac computers, and those do not seem to work as well as a Windows computer. Safari is at 35% approval rate.

Final note: 50% approval rate might not sound too high, but keep in mind it includes every single claim and approval, including those of new members that do not yet understand very well how things work, or people that just claim to get their s2w etc.

updated numbers per 12/17/2012

Here are the full approval rate stats per browser:

Firefox: 60%
Opera: 57%
Chrome: 52%
Internet Explorer: 46%
Safari: 44%

There are also people who complete offers at their consoles or phones:

iPhone: 47%
Android: 47%
iPad: 43%
Playstation: 41%
Wii: 37%

There are huge differences in approval rate by version of browser. We will split this out shortly.
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You forgot Safari .I use it and it is quite good :)
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I say they need to lower price
2010-12-15 16:34:06
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i want more offers
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I get more approved offers on chrome 11 then any other browser.
2010-04-16 00:45:32
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Lol thats just updated both chrome and firefox :D
This post has been deleted.
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How about opera mini?
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Thanks for telling us this. But how about Opera Browser?
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its this site any good
2010-12-01 05:55:30

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