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Created: 2009-03-20 03:59:59
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I was wondering how do you move up from being a beg. and i also played a shooting game with 4 people and the last dude says like playing the game but not finished.. and that was like 20 mins ago..I also played some other 4 player shooting and 10 player shooting and what takes forever to get the points?
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It takes quite a while, sometimes the games get stuck.

Within time, the games will continue to work. You just need to give them a bit of some time. :D
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Be patient and the game summary will be completed, then the points will be credited to the winner.
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Yes exactly what they said.
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yeah dont worry it will eventually end
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When that happens, I think that person who is unfinished for a long time got the "Unfair Advantage" error. It just takes about half an hour for that person to be removed and replaced with someone else. To move up a level, just win more games.
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To get your intermediate, just win alot of games.
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yea just win games and u will move up playing the 10 player one moves u up quicker from someone
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yeah just win alot, not that i know alot im new xD
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Why stop now?
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im intermediatte and i keep losing although i owned when i was a begginer
Closing in on platinum :)

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