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Created: 2011-04-11 11:13:17
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The Gaming forum is for discussions on Video Games or anything related to it. If you're wanting to post a forum game, that belongs in the Forum Games section. Anything relating to or questions about the P2S games would belong in the P2S Games section. Topics found in the wrong sections will be moved or removed without warning.

----------------- Rules for the Gaming section and General Forum Guidelines -----------------

No Console Wars!
While platform discussions can sometimes be of a basic, in a friendly matter, these types of topics are not allowed in the forums or Shoutbox to prevent the flaming and unnecessary arguments. Topics made on this matter will be locked and all posts involved within the thread will be marked as spam. You can vote for your favorite console with the poll here: Poll - Vote for your Favourite Console!

No "Boosting" threads
There are other sites for that discussion to boost on games and isn't needed here in the forum. Topics created for these discussions will be removed.

Begging for codes or point cards isn't allowed / No asking for game sharing
Another thing to add- Please no asking for free codes for consoles as I see that will probably be something brought up quite a lot. Begging will not be tolerated. Members do not have codes to just give away and they work hard for what they earn here. You can earn those cards here by earning points to spend on them through the Reward Gallery. Asking for game-sharing with another member won't be allowed. You should never share your account information like that, and game-sharing is illegal and against the terms of use.

Keep it clean and friendly
Vulgar discussions, any inappropriate or derogatory insults towards members or in general of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you cannot keep it to a friendly level, do not bother posting. While everyone has their own opinion, it is not needed to take it as a serious matter and get out of hand with something that needs to stay friendly.

No illegal discussions allowed
No posting of fake generators that so called "get you free points". This also falls under the category of spamming. None of this is allowed. No discussions created asking for prestige lobbies, or promoting any of the like - especially asking for a payment to do such which is breaking two site rules.

No spamming or topic bumping
Spamming isn't allowed anywhere throughout the site and will not be tolerated. Posts will be deleted and further action will be taken depending on the situation and how serious the rules broken were. Make sure your posts have at least some meaning to them; posts made just to boost your forum post count WILL be deleted. Any posts made with few or little words will be marked as spam. Referral links to other sites are not allowed, no exceptions on what the site is for.

While it is nice sharing your opinion, bumping old topics that are dead and well old is unnecessary and shouldn't be dug back up. If you have no new information or incite on a discussion and only repeat what has already been stated is considered spam.

Keep in mind if you're going to post your PSN/Gamertag in the forum, it is publicly visible - Post at your own discretion.

Forum Moderators/Moderators always have the last say on whether or not you've broken the rules and will be moderated as seen needed.

On another note, have fun and keep it enjoyable for everyone =)

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