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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » ???????? WILL THE WORLD REALLY END 2012 ????????
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Created: 2011-03-27 01:41:42
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no, but I like to joke around about it lol.
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lol same here
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will it heck! just a bunch of gimps that have come up with that
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No it won't lol it's the same people that said it would end in 2000. What's different this time? The Maya calender end in 2012 (they didn't have time to finish it haha) so people are saying that it will end like the Maya "predicted" it
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Who knows, but if it does it would really stink cuz I would have spent my whole life in school...
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No! The Mayan calander ended in december 21st 2012 I believe. (As that was the end of the Mayan year - Just as the chineese year ends in January)

The end of the calander is just the same as your calander hanging up in the house. It ends in December doesn't it? Then we go and buy the next years one lol.

I dont know the true meaning why the count stopped after 2012 (mabey to do with the fact that they all died out lol)

It's just another way for sects/cults/groups/governments or whatever you want to call them to drive fear into people (mainly to get you to buy products) The same thing happened with the Melenium bug in 2000. Companies made an absolute fortune selling melium bug proof electricals.

That's my 2 cents lol.
Stupid Note: We should stock up on 2013 calanders!!

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Why, yes. It will. I know this for a fact. A beauitful silver magpie swooped down and whispered it into my ear this morning, and told me to build a spaceship in my garage in preparation for the Era of Enlightment. First there will be a cleansing, then light; pure, brilliant blinding light that will bathe us ... envelope us. It'll be a spritiual awakening, man. Like birth, dude. Being born again in water. Just swimming in water. Floating. Just swimming through Mother Nature's milk. The milk and nectar of human kindness. It'll be, like, totally out there, man. Real cosmic karma, like.
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no i dont think so, the people who made it arnt even liveing so ovi, they arnt too good :)

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