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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » Approval time in Opinion Surveys (daily)
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Created: 2011-03-20 03:15:34
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Is it me or is the average approval time for this offer extremely inaccurate? Whenever I check, it's usually Fast or Very Fast, and yet it takes about 12 hours to approve for me. Then when I check average approval time, it's Medium, but then a few hours later it turns back to Fast/Very Fast.

This happening to anyone else?
2010-06-25 17:37:49
US (TX) gold
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don't know what ur talking about, but even when i complete that survey it never approves for me.
US (NY) diamond
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yeah same for me i dont know if its the browser( i am using firefox)but it doesen't seem to approve as fast heck i am still waiting for my points.
2010-03-27 15:43:11
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I currently have 2 from yesterday and the day before. Still waiting on my credit for those.
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mine take a day to two days normally
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I have found if you dont do opinion survey for a few days or do it at specific times of the day it approves faster. Very strange. usually for me it takes 23-24 hours and at a weekend a few days.
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ive had no trouble up to today. its being atleast 4 hours and still pending. usually takes minutes
2011-01-23 17:45:51
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I had one approve right after I did well I had one from the day before pending. The pending one approved the next day. :0
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in uk too, some of my opinion surveys take 2 days to approve
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Is there a guide on how to do these offers? I've only been able to do 1 out of the 5 I've tried :p

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