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Created: 2009-03-15 13:40:19
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Getting Chatty
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Hi. Pingkann Abyss here, coming at you from Surprise, Arizona (excuse the poor radio host imitation). I was drawn into this site after seeing a lot of positive buzz and, just this morning, the site itself (it's a lot more colorful and lively than what I'm used to, and that's a very good thing).

I look forward to (possibly) ranking among top earners at this site.
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Half way there
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Im glad you enjoy this awsome site:)
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Am I spamming?
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same here aswell i love dis site aswell
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Hi :D hope you do earn lots :D
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Why stop now?
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Yo! Welcome to P2S and Cashle! :D
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Welcome, hope you make lots of cash or points. :)
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Points2shop is my specialty
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hey ping, welcome to points2shop and it takes hard work to get to where the veterans are at and it takes time for new ppl to kno the tricks and how to complete if u need help, pm me or use the shoutbox..enjoy the site
=] [Project PlaystationTHREE]
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Points2shop is my specialty
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Welcome all new users n alrdy users n remember i can always help u
90% Complete Of iPod Touch 8GB 2G
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Points2shop is my specialty
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welcome aboard. its a great site and the people on here are very helpful.
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Hey it's a great site, my friends got loads of things from here :)

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