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Created: 2011-03-19 01:27:44
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Just happened today. I finished a Survey Head survey and received credit. Later, when I tried SSI, it gave me the exact same survey. I thought it might count it as taking the same survey twice a day, which can cause it to be denied, so I didn't take the SSI.

Is it okay to take the same survey on two different offers the same day?
2010-06-25 17:37:49
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i dont think so. most likely it will recognize you
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That happened to me nd when i completed it,they both credited me so you should be fine
2010-10-01 02:55:07
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I believe ive done it once or twice before and always got credit. You should be fine.
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I've had this happen quite a few times and have always gotten credit for both of them.
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i got credit for both to
2010-09-01 20:41:29
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credited for me a few times :D
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Iv had credit when its happened but recently iv had a few surveys reversed so maybe there checking i.p's to see if a survey has been done more than once.
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thats a good question. usually it asks if youve taken any surveys about specific subjects so if you answer those correctly it shouldnt give you the same survey twice
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The same thing happened to me yesterday, and got points for both

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