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Created: 2011-03-17 02:49:18
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Okay, so I realized that I have enough points to get some new VIDEO GAMES. =D

Currently debating whether to get both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST or Modern Warfare 2 by itself. Both orders are about $34. I really enjoyed both Reach and Black Ops, so I'm split 50/50. Any suggestions?

Oh ya and I don't have xBox Live so only singleplayer for me. :(
2010-06-25 17:37:49
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i suggest modern warfare 2. i prefer call of duty :)
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from what ive played of modern warfare 2 (single player), i would say it would be a good investment.

but i still think both of those series are seriously overrated.
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Halo was pretty mean, dont need xbox live to have fun on it, MW 2 is good only online so yeah
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Get the HALO's. THey are better without live.
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Im leaning twards MW2. I have it, and just LOVE playing the game!
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Get both
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Modern Warfare 2= best online multiplayer of all time, according to many critics, and me as well. Black Ops is less fun in my opinon.
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MW2!!!! lol i bough reach and i was playing mw2 the same day it came out :) i love my mw2 so much its my main game.. i would recommended it because more of your friends probably play it.. but if your not a big gamer get the halo's im good at video games thats why i like cod games..
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i never realy got into reach think modern warfare is better

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