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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » The musical side of myself. (Contains links, View/Listen time=LONG)
Created: 2011-02-23 09:16:02
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Years ago... On a planet called Earth... There arose a child who yearned to make something to alter his mind...

The first step was learning...
Clappin Cuts NewGrounds Teach

The second was to begin...
Zelda-ish Complete

The third, to understand...
PS2 Weird-O-A GoGo

As it grew legs, slowly it started to emerge...
PS2 Tempest Dreams

Growing as a creature, it began to consume...
PS2 Wolfenstein Mixer

...This is a catalog of my musical works stemming from shear willpower and the motivation of myself...

If listened to in sequence it shows my progression of learning Fruity Loops music software.

It takes a while to listen to in all, but hopefully it grows on you as much as it grew on me... Into a festering sore of ear bleeding madness. When played off of click on the visual and use the slider to change to no transitions, then switch the visual to SimpleWave for the best experience.

If you want to hear more simply click on my name on the linked page and listen to my other pieces, of well,,, PART OF MY MIND NOW!!!

Thank you for your time, and I hoped you enjoyed,
Kyle H.

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