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Points2Shop Forums » Discussion » 5 Merits or Lottery Ticket?
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Created: 2011-02-20 10:51:02
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I just got 5 Merits from Spin2Win, thats the most merits ive got from it. But is it better than a lottery ticket?
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no and yes becasue with the lottery ticket you can win a lot of cash/points but then somethimes yoou can win nothing
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Depends on the lottery ticket of course, it's much better if you win the jackpot with it :p
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i prefer lottery tickets over merits but its just personal preference.
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i never won the lottery so i like merits. i got the 50 merits twice and quite a few 5 merits.
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I like the lottery tickets, if you get merits the one that beats a lottery ticket is 50 merits. I have only gotten 50 twice but it makes you jump for joy when you do.
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i know what you mean, i have only got one 5 merits spin so far, its always so close to the lottery ticket, i find the spins very tense lol.
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5 merits is definitely better in my opinion because a lottery ticket is probably worthless. I would rather have even just 1 merit because you should collect your merits for ages and soon you'll be able to get cash for them by using them in a competition. I know it seems like you're only getting 1 merit so it's worthless but if you got nothing instead of merits in Spin2Win then you won't get any merits from it, and only from quests. So if you got 5 merits a day from doing offers (1 merit per offer and 5 offers completed) then in 3 months you will have got 420 merits, and you will have completed some quests as well.
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What do merits do?????
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What do merits do?????2loserzhaha

Merits are used in team competitions. The winning teams win cash. Merits are earned by completing Quests For more info, please check out

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