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Created: 2011-01-29 20:11:33
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What Ur high score in racing game. Tips for racing...
2010-03-19 15:53:50
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1067 is my highest score. It's not the best, but oh well. My best tip would be to stay as far away from the sides as possible. They really slow you down! Practice the hard turns on the zig-zag part. Once you get those down, the race becomes a lot easier! Hope that helped!
2010-11-06 14:53:36
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2011-02-05 07:19:45
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1117 also lol
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im new here but 1761
2011-02-06 21:20:33
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1033 and just practice and eventually you will get good and if you dont then try another game :D
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1021, Stick to the middle. You can see the darkened area's in the track which increase your acceleration and try and turn corners quite sharply this'll help you stay away from the walls.
2010-10-28 08:11:35
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1026, My best tip for the Racing is the three S turns. They are all timing so count when you play. Click one...two.. Stop... I count, one missisip... when you get those down often times you come up with perfect alignment. The dark areas do make you go faster WWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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