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Points2Shop Forums » Discussion » Cashle and P2S difference
Created: 2011-01-20 03:08:02
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Is there any benefit from bouncy back and forth from Cashle to P2S?
2010-12-03 08:27:57
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Personally i prefer cashle as points can be turned to cash and not the other way meaning i have more options to spend my earnings.
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well recently cashle has been very slow because of a lot of the updates they tried doing to it to make it look better and stuff like that. But really it only made cashle slower to load pages because there is so much design and images and tabs and blah blah blah they tried to do.

I used cashle before and it wasn't as slow as it is now. That got me frustrated and so I am only using p2s and saving up points until I figure out something to buy.
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I prefer Cashle now, for the reasons romxuk stated.

With cashle you get cash and can choose to transfer to points.

with P2S you get points and that's it.

Cashle has more options available ^_^
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I too prefer Cashle for the reason that I can withdraw to my PayPal and go and purchase things elewhere if I cannot find it on Amazon.

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i dont have a preferance
2010-10-30 23:02:27

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