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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » Way off topic, but, how-about Fallout 3?
Created: 2011-01-10 02:56:39
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Does anyone have tips on Fallout3?
2010-12-03 08:27:57
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havent played the game yet :(
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That game is so open-ended that you can reach lv.20 before even proceeding in the story at all. There's not much tips needed in that game. Just explore the world, steal weapons, and kill stuff lol
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I agree with shadowmirage, the game is too open-ended and there's so many choices we couldn't possibly advise you. However, I'll try and give you some tips as I did get to level 20 (didn't buy the DLC as I'm a cheapskate ;) )

. Conserve ammo - If you've got to fight some Raiders or other creatures (like Yao Guai or Mole Rats), use a mediocre or bad condition weapon, and save your big guns, so to speak, for bigger stuff like Deathclaws and Super Mutants

. Take the Animal Friend Perk ASAP - I took this almost as soon as I could, and with the amount of Yao Guai (mutated wolves) wandering the Capital Wasteland, then its a good idea to avoid having them attack you. Be warned though - Deathclaws, Ghouls, Super Mutants and Raiders will still attack, so watch your 6.

. Save regularly - My copy of the game crashed several times, as did most people's, because the game is simply too packed for your system to cope with. But, if you save often (either by waiting, sleeping, or entering a door to another area) then you shouldn't lose too much if and when it does freeze.

. Decide your Karma - If you've made the choice to be a good person, then stick to it. Every bad thing you do - including stealing from inhabited houses and killing innocents - will reduce your Karma and every good thing - such as completing quests for people and helping others - will increase it. I chose to be bad simply because I was bored and didn't want the effort of being a good in-game character. However, there are quite a few people (who I won't mention for fear of spoilers) who I wish I hadn't got rid of.

Hope I helped :)
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If you have Game of the Year edition or own all of the DLC I recommend you do the DLC first.

The DLC weapons are much easier to obtain than the unique weapons in the main game and these weapons will help you finish big time, providing your Skills for these specific weapons are high.
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I haven't played it but it looks like a good game and my friend says he likes it a lot.
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