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Created: 2010-12-19 16:14:51
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Can We Get More Better Videos For At Least 15 Points?

Short Videos Are A Waste Of TIme TO Watch if Your Only Gonna Get aroun 1-4 points.

If U Agree Comment On My Post Saying That You Do
2010-12-18 23:03:22
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It all depends on what the advertiser has available and is willing to give to the site, it is easier said than done.
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Payouts only depend on the advertisers. There have been some videos in the past that gave 8 points. In the end, P2S doesnt control the payout amounts.
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15? I think they should be affect on your rank. all new and bronze members get 2 points for each video they watch silver gets 20 points a video and golds,platinums and elites should get 100 points for each video because they worked the hardest to get their.
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All I hav to say is that points add up but about ur post ur rite we should hav better videos
2010-08-16 18:42:20
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100 points per video is out of the question, there are hundreds of plats and elites combined and that would deplete the advertisers funds for the videos quicker than you can imagine.
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yeah theres no way advertisers would pay people 100 points for watching a video. Heck would you pay 1000 people even 50 cents to watch a 30 second video they have probably already seen. No cause that would be $500 wasted dollars
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Advertisers are not stupid to waste money, well said lakeexpress20.
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for me i think a person should atleast be able to earn 10-20 points in videos. I dont think relying on them is a great idea, Because then this site becomes similar to another.
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Its not possible to offer 15 or 100 points. What we need is a continuous play mode so we can watch all the videos available to us EVERYday.
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