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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » New Cashle Design (Gold+ users)
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Created: 2010-12-08 22:49:00
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Hey all!

As some of you might have seen already, we have a brand new Cashle layout! At this point, only gold+ users are able to see the new design. We would like to have your feedback on the design, as well as to receive reports of any bugs that you might encounter.

As you can see, a lot of things are changed. We really invested a lot of time and thoughts in this new design, in an attempt to make everything look better as well as easier in use. We are very excited about the results and we hope you are as well!

The P2S team would like to take this opportunity to thank both fritteritter and ergo14 for their incredible hard work at the design last week. Thank you so much!

If we encounter serious bugs, we will temporary put back the old design until that bug has been resolved.

Here are some answers to some questions you might have:

Help! My stats are gone!
No worries :) At the bottom of the page you'll find a horizontal bar containing all your stats. This bar is always visible, even when you scroll down the page!

Will you release this layout for P2S as well?
That depends on the community feedback. If people like the new design, we will probably also use it for P2S (with some changes here and there).

I can see most content pages (offers,rewards) are unchanged. Will this change somewhere in the future?
That's the plan. As you can see the shoutbox is no longer WITHIN the content area. This opens up many more possibilities to completely redesign all content pages and make them look more appealing and clear. Currently many people, especially new users, find the P2S pages quite chaotic and busy. The idea is to redesign page by page and make every page look awesome and clean!

Some of the shoutbox commands no longer work. Is that intentional?
Yes, unfortunately it is. For example, the /wide command for a wider shoutbox no longer works. The main reason is that we will soon make some more changes that will make the shoutbox width scale automatically if your screen resolution allows for it! That means that everyone with a large enough screen will always have the pleasure of a larger shoutbox.

Can you make a floating shoutbox?
Yes, as a matter of fact we can. The design is made so that in the near future we can have a floating shoutbox. That means that if you're scrolling down at a page, the shoutbox will always be positioned at the left screen of the screen. That way you're always be able to read the shouts, even when you're typing a message on the forum or have to do anything else at the bottom of the page.

My shoutbox height preference setting no longer work. Why's that?
This has everything to do with the floating shoutbox. If the shoutbox always scroll down when you scroll down, there is no way to allow a larger shoutbox than the maximum height of your screen, otherwise you would never see the box to write your message (as the shoutbox remains in a fixed position even if you scroll down).

The shoutbox only takes a small or too large portion of my screen. Can I fix that?
Yes, this can easily be fixed. Just resize your browser to your prefered size, and press F5. Everytime the page loads it will automatically scale your shoutbox to use the maximum available height in your browser.

The logo is kind of... boring... Do you have any intention to change that?
Absolutely. It's not that we believe the logo is bad, but we all believe that it can use some love. We will probably ask a designer to design us a logo that is more appealing and especially contains elements everyone immidiately recognize!

The site tells me to upgrade my browser. Why's that?
If you are using IE6 or IE7, we strongly recommend you to upgrade. At this point, only 5% of all P2S users used this outdated browser, and it's technically very complex to make P2S work 100% correct in those browsers. In most situations, you should be able to navigate around the site just fine, but some features might be broken and layout bugs might occur. The alternative browsers, FF, Chrome or IE8.0+ are fully supported by P2S and can easily be downloaded for free.

So what exactly is changed?
A lot. We've added a list of some of the changes (not all) below for you to look at:

  • The shoutbox is now outside the content area, making things look more clean and allows us to make a floating shoutbox in the near future.
  • The stats are moved down, to a horizontal bar that is always visible; even when you scroll down.
  • A site toggle switcher shows at the left. This way people can more easily find their way between Cashle and P2S.
  • On larger screen resolutions, a welcome box shows at the left, showing your username and avatar. This box does not show at smaller screen resolution to allow the shoutbox to scale tall enough so that enough shouts fit in.
  • The menu has completely been reworked. All items are now more easily categorized and easier to find. At some point, we will rework the menu so that new users have less links so they can more easily navigate around.
  • When you're logged out, the menu is different, only showing the elements that are important to non logged/new users.
  • The index page got a complete redesign. This is a huge change, and we are convinced people will consider it a great improvement compared to the previous Cashle design.
  • From index, people can more easily register or even join trough facebook (username, password, authorization and you have an account, email verification is not required). We hope this makes it easier for people to join the site.
  • A featured activity box shows P2S activity. This is constantly updated, to show new members that P2S is active and for real!
  • The reward showcase shows proof to users. Once clicked, it will show a larger version of the reward. All pictures and quotes are retrieved from our forum.
  • Lots more ;)
Known bugs
  • Layout in IE7 does not work 100%, and the menu is also kind of broken in IE7
  • The activity ticker sometimes show multiple items
  • The question mark between p2s/cashle switcher is not clickable yet
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cool layout
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like it mate, keep up the good work :D
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so much better the old one was honestly awful it was outdated and grided this one i might actuallly use but i still think points2shop is better looking dont why but it is
2010-09-01 20:41:29
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fantastic design a really big change will get used to looking at bottom for stats congrats on a great professional looking layout
2010-10-05 11:31:29
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it's so different that i'm finding it a bit hard to navigate. That's probably because i'm not used to it yet so i'll report back after using it for a bit

After using it a bit, i'm starting to like it. The cashle symbol is ugly. There are no bugs(up to my knowledge) but i think that you should remove the other section under EARN CASH, those are all separate things.
2010-06-29 16:36:34
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its good, but for some reason everytime i go on it my entire computer freezes and i have to reboot the whole system, don't know if its because of google chrome or what. cool layout though
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when is this going to be open for the others?
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I don't really like the cashle new layout only because it looks like any other GPT layout. I like points2shop's layout because it looks more unique.
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it's cool lookinggggg:)

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