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Created: 2009-02-21 04:37:59
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In order to make sure that this forum is a pleasant place for all the members we have to impose a list of rules.

Please follow these rules to keep your forum clean and organized.

A. Thread Specific:

1. Even though this is the OFF-TOPIC section, please make your posts have SOME kind of meaning. (one/few word threads, smiley faces, etc. are SPAM)

2. Keep your posts clean. Vulgar or offensive topics/posts will NOT be tolerated.

3. No discussion of anything illegal (your post will not only get deleted, but you will be reported and possibly banned)

4. Only ONE thread of certain topics will be allowed (One Word Story, Count to #, Guilty/Not Guilty etc.) to be on the forum at once. All new topics of the same will be deleted.

5. In said threads (One Word Story, Count to #, Guilty/Not Guilty, ANY game-like thread, etc.) there must be AT LEAST FIVE post between your previous posts.

6. Posting referral links to other programs IS NOT allowed. It is also not acceptable to discuss other sites similar to p2s.

7. From now on, all new counting threads will be closed, and their posts deleted. No arguments will be listened to. Admin has spoken. All counting threads aside from the count to 1,000,000 thread have been locked. Posts in them will be deleted in due time.

8. NO Console Wars of ANY Kind! Your topic will be LOCKED!

B. General forum rules:

1. Referral links are NEVER allowed in the posts.

2. Spamming the forum to boost your post count will not be tolerated.

3. Posts with the following content will always be deleted:

a. Any material, which is knowingly false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening and; evasive of privacy or otherwise violating any law.
b. Discrimination based on race/ sex/ religion and of sexual orientation.
c. Personal abuse, personal attacks and the like.

4. The following type of activities are strictly forbidden: starting multiple threads concerning the same program/issue, bumping threads without adding new/useful information, stalking members, selling illegal software/cheat software/pirate scripts, posting private message you have received from a moderator, spamming other members through pm, the spreading of lies/rumours and all other activities that may trouble the normal functioning of the forum.

5. The forum moderators have the final say in deciding whether or not one of the previous rules have been violated. For 'small' infractions they will only edit the post of the member. Members who are breaking the rules repeatedly will be banned.

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