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Created: 2010-11-12 03:30:14
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Am I spamming?
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I hired a bunch of kamikaze archeologists to travel to the earth's core, steal the cookie, give it to Ben Laden who attached it to a nuclear rocket and launches it into space :D
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Why stop now?
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i am god and i catch the cookie as it goes though space into heaven and eat it for breakfast
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Points2shop is my specialty
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i guess that makes the devil, i come up to heaven and snatch the cookie from you as you are eating it.. use some devil trickery and create thousands of look alikes of the cookie.. when there is really only the one true cookie still.. and only i know where it is.. and i wait for the perfect day to feast upon the glorious :cookie:
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Half way there
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I touch all of them until the non hologram is revealed , give it to chuck norris , nobody dares to take it off him , and him and god are allies and god would never betray a friend , and the devil is scared of him , so i win!
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I punch Check Norris square in the nose breaking it, As he falls to the ground dropping the cookie, I snatch it up and take off running. Jump on a boat put the cookie in a safe and drop it in a unmarked loaction in the ocean
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I use Google Earth and within 2 minutes I've found it, I hire Portugese fishermen to fish it up and then I nuke the cookie and spread the ashes on Jupiter.
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Am I spamming?
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Good Job
I go to Jupiter and bribe martians to find me all the pieces. I put it all together and then I hide it in my house.
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Getting Chatty
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I strut into your house, pick up the cookie, and walk out.
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I mug you, steal the cookie and throw it in the ocean.

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