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Created: 2010-11-07 20:34:33
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Hey everybody :) In this short post I'll list some of the neat and useful SEO tools I've found around the Web. They are all free and really simple to use. Enjoy ;)

1. Google's Keyword Tool
Google's Keyword Tool is a really useful tool, which can be used by anyone. It let's you see how many people search for a particular phrase or keyword a month. It shows both global searches and local searches, and gives you detailed info on each search term. You need a Google account to use this tool.

2. Backlink Watch - Backlink Checker Tool
The Backlink Watch - Backlink Checker Tool is a really handy tool that shows you the backlinks of any website you enter! It has a limit of 50,000 searches a day though. 

3. HubSpot's Website Grader Tool
The HubSpot Website Grader Tool grades any website you enter, based on content, meta tags/ meta description, and other elements. 

4. Pagerank Checker Tool
The Pagerank Checker Tool let's you check the page rank of any website on the Internet! It's really easy to use and doesn't require a registration.

5. Google Position Checker Tool
The Google Position Checker Tool allows you to check the position of any site on Google's search results for a specific keyword. You can only use this 3 times a day, so choose the sites you want to check wisely

6. Meta Tag Analyzer
Meta Tag Analyzer shows you the meta data (meta tags, and meta description) of any site you enter. Just fill out the fields and hit submit.

I hope these tools will help you and your website :) 
More tools to come!
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id be happy just getting the 10 refferals but thanks for these
2010-06-22 10:22:29
This post has been deleted.
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Thanks a lot, saber. Greatly helped me.
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it helped me alot !
2010-11-13 18:39:26
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Darksaber, I suggest you update your backlinker watch: theres another one out there that has unlimited number of uses, I personally think its better. Using the tools here I'm about to launch my new site!
Wish me good luck!
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what about babaloyn
2010-11-13 18:04:15
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@Darksaber, I have seen the hubspot website grader before and didn't use it as I was using another program I downloaded. It messed up the other day and I'm waiting for them to email me a link to DL again. Remembered that you posted some tools before so I checked it out.

It's a very good diagnostic tool to have, many of the tools are in the prog I use with the exception of one.
It tells you when Google last crawled your site. So any SEO'ers out there that check their ranks regulary, use this website. It saves a lot of hassle. When you see its been re-crawled, do your rank checking.

Cheers Darksaber

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Strong urge to bump this topic. Its just too good to go down lol.
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They should sticky it or something.

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